“Real Housewives” offers a peek at a bleak future

I shudder to think what kind of future the children of  “The Real Housewives of Orange County” have to look forward to.

Credit Bravo

Credit Bravo

Over the course of the season, I’ve vacillated between disliking control freak/workaholic Vicki intensely because she’s simultaneously insecure and full of herself and actually admiring her – because of all the housewives,  her kids seem to be the least screwed up.

Case in point: Vicki’s son, Michael, is the first in her family to graduate from college. Her 22-year-old daughter, Brianna, is one of the only children of a housewife to have the makings of a respectable career, much less a job. Brianna has been working diligently in a hospital as part of her college training. But Vicki freaks out when Brianna tells her she wants to become an Army nurse and plans to enlist.

I understand her concern as a mother not wanting her child to go into war, but as Brianna points out, Vicki had several opportunities to sit down and explore things with the recruiter, and she flat-out rejected all of those meetings. Brianna points out, rather sadly and rightly so, that she was the only student present without a parent.

Evidently, it’s Vicki’s way or the highway.

By comparison, Lynn’s daughter, Raquel, hasn’t done anything since she graduated from high school over a year ago. She’s got no job, but her parents bought her a BMW for her birthday. Her parents let her drink alcohol in their presence. She has no aspirations in life and isn’t afraid to say so. When Lynn pushes her to get a job, Raquel accuses her of being mean. Her younger sister, Alexa, isn’t much better. Apparently she’s a closet smoker.

Then there’s Tamra, whose son, Ryan, is an utter goofball. The 22-year-old spends his time partying, settling on a career (car repairman, California Highway Patrolman) and then giving up after a few months, or trying to seduce one of the other housewives, Gretchen.

Shane, Jeana’s oldest, is perhaps the worst of the bunch. He’s rude, mean and downright abusive toward his mother. This 20something may be putting his all into his future career – as a minor-league baseball player – but he needs serious therapy to deal with the anger he exhibits toward the woman who birthed him. They say children learn behaviors from watching their parents, and if that’s the case, then Jeana’s ex-husband, Matt, needs to be hung out to dry. And Jeana herself needs to learn how to stand up to her son – regardless of the fact that he’s an adult and twice her size.

If, as Whitney Houston sings, these children are our future, then God help us all.
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  1. Wambui said,

    July 9, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    i think there is so much drama in show thats why people watch the show viki and simion have the most drama this year and alexis and viki well thats a diffrent story and lynne get your kids under control their testing their need u dont be a friend be a parent

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