Rooting for Rourke

So I’m totally rooting for Mickey Rourke to win the best actor Oscar on tonight’s Academy Awards – especially after seeing his acceptance speech during the Independent Spirit Awards:

What are the chances he’ll be able to make a similar speech if he wins tonight? Not bloody likely, but I’ll tune in just to find out.

Maybe I’m biased, because “The Wrestler” is the only film I’ve seen in that category (or any other, for that matter). But I was so blown away by Rourke – his performance is that movie – that I think he deserves it. He created a fully three-dimensional character, flaws and all, who remained lovable despite all of his flaws. Plus, I really think his performance is so utterly believable because he lived a very similar life for 14+ years. Which, as far as I’m concerned, makes him winning awards all the more sweet.

If you haven’t yet seen “The Wrestler,” please do. And for the record, New Jersey is not anywhere near as bleak as it looks in the film.

I’m watching a really interesting interview with Rourke right now from “Charlie Rose.” Check it out here.

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