“Celebrity Apprentice”: Why on earth did he fire Dice?

As soon as I heard that Andrew Dice Clay was going to be on “Celebrity Apprentice” I knew I was going to watch it.

Celebrity Apprentice

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But then last night, in the very first episode, Donald Trump fired him. That was really stupid. Dice was obnoxious and useless in the task – baking and selling cupcakes for charity – but the bottom line is he’s funny and entertaining to watch. Did you see him complaining about Trump not providing them with bagels when they first arrived? The poor thing was malnourished!

I love the team name the men came up with: KOTU. It sounds like a tribe name right out of “Survivor,” doesn’t it? What’s even funnier is what KOTU is an acronym for – Kings of the Universe.

It was funny when Mr. Sandra Bullock (aka Jesse James) compared Dice and Dennis Rodman’s performance in the task to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in “The Simple Life,” and when Joan compared poker player Annie Duke (who I actually like, because as annoying as she was, she was right) to Mussolini.

I love Tom Green, too (his MTV show was hysterical), and I think he’s a great comedian, but his humor is more subtle and less in your face than Dice’s. There’s no doubt, though: Dice will be missed. (And I still think Trump should have fired Rodman. What was he hiding in the truck for?)

There were a bunch of great one-liners last night, that’s for sure. Here’s just a sampling:

Dice on Joan and Melissa Rivers: “What’s going on here? Joan’s doing a show, Melissa’s doing a show. Did they ever cut the umbilical cord? You know, Melissa’s like 56 years old already. You know what I mean? Let it go!” (For the record, Melissa is 40.)

Joan on being selected project manager of her all-female team: “I”m the only one in there without a tampon in my pocketbook. So they just deferred to me.”

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