“Celebrity Autobiography”: Absolutely fabulous

So last night I saw “Celebrity Autobiography” in New York City.

The above clip – featuring Eugene Pack reading from “To the Stars” by George (“Star Trek’s” Mr. Sulu) Takei – is just one of the excerpts I was treated to, and I must say the entire evening was hysterical. Other featured players last night included Scott Adsit from “30 Rock” (who did a brilliant Richard Burton and Kenny Loggins impression), Susie Essman from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (who read dramatically from Loni Anderson’s book) and Alan Zweibel (who rocked as Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee recounting his first meeting with Heather Locklear).

But the funniest performance of the night was that of Jackie Hoffman, whose hilarious reading of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s “One Life is Not Enough” had me in stitches.

And in a clear case of you never know what’s going to happen to you in the city, Richard Belzer – the comedian who’s best known for his role of Det. Munch on “Law & Order: SVU” – stopped by to read aloud from Burt Reynolds’ tale, “My Life.” Belzer brought his adorable poodle/fox terrier mix dog Bebe along with him, who pleasantly roamed the stage throughout his performance. Before his scene ended, though, the dog left the stage and laid down on the bench an arm’s length away from me. After Belzer concluded his performance, he came over, sat down beside me and asked another patron to hand the dog over. She replied, “He’s growling,” and Belzer dismissed her concern, saying the dog won’t hurt anyone. She gingerly picked up the pup and handed it to me, and I then passed it off to Belzer. Off went pet and owner.

After watching this video, I guess I should be glad Bebe didn’t decide to puke on me, too. Check it:

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