“Celebrity Apprentice”: EEE to the rescue!

I went into last night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” assuming it would pretty much suck now that Andrew Dice Clay is gone.

The remaining comedian, Canadian (yes, that’s why he talks funny) Tom Green, looked like his days were numbered, too.  His fellow team members – most notably project manager Scott Hamilton and his sidekick, Clint Black – spent most of the time ignoring anything Tom had to say. Sure, it certainly seems like Tom has a propensity for goofing off (just watch the excerpt  below from his old TV show for absolute confirmation of that), but he did come up with some ideas and he did vehemently oppose the ridiculously named Zappos superheroine, EEE.

Speaking of EEE, oh, Scott Hamilton, what were you thinking???

Tom said it best, though: “Maybe we shouldn’t call the character EEE. It’s a bra size.”

The greatest exchange of the night came during the boardroom brawl between Tom and Scott. I was very impressed with Tom for speaking so calmly and seriously, never once resorting to jokes or mockery. When Scott played the cancer card – which amounted to little more than pleading with Trump that his cancer charity would suffer if he was fired – Tom jumped in to clarify that he, too, had a worthy cancer charity.

“We both had testicular cancer,” Tom told Trump. “I have one testicle. (glances at Scott) I’m not going to talk about you.”

Scott chimes in: “Together we’re a set.”

Gosh, I hope Tom leads Kings of the Universe to a win next week. The show will really stink if he’s kicked off.


  1. avagacser said,

    March 10, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Absolutely! I was so relieved that Tom Green handled it with such class and seriousness. He didn’t act stupid or goofy like he does on his own show (and which I find absolutely hilarious), and it was his saving grace. I only hope the rest of the Kings of the Universe don’t give him a hard time next week when he’s project manager. I could totally seeing them sabotage him just for revenge. He’d better watch that Clint Black! And how is it that Dennis Rodman is still there? Ugh.

  2. March 10, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    Ya, Scott Hamilton started dropping he had cancer and he was raising money for cancer as a crutch when he was fighting for his right to stay on the show in front of Donald Trump.

    Tom Green was quick to remind & assert…”Hey BTW, I have testicular cancer too, and I’m raising money for cancer too!”

    Kicked that crutch right out from underneath Scott Hamilton!

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