Who’s going to be permanently “Lost”?

Rumors are flying that a major character will be killed off of “Lost” by the end of the season.

Surely you can't be serious...

Surely you can't be serious...

Could it be Sayid? Sawyer? Sun? Hurley? Nah… I’m going to guess it’s one of my favorites, Desmond.

Here’s what E! Online says about the situation:

*The character is one much-loved by fans.

*Their death will result in them leaving the show permanently, like the Hobbit (Charlie), Boone, Libby, Shannon… need I go on?

*The character is not Kate. (Not that I ever seriously considered it to be, even when reports came out that she might be leaving the show.)

Initially I thought it might be Hurley, but honestly I don’t think they would get rid of him. He’s too beloved by fans, if that’s possible. Desmond’s been on the periphery all season, and his storyline’s been completely marginalized. I mean, what was that bit a few weeks ago with the pendulum? He seemed uncontrollable, and I’m sure Ben doesn’t want to deal with him.

Anyway, E! goes on to say that the actor/actress was just informed of their character’s imminent demise last week and is none too happy about it. “Unfortunately, [he or she] found out after the script treatments were sent out to some of the crew on the set,” says E!’s super-secret source. “So it wasn’t the best timing.”

I’ll say! It’s never the best time to find out you’re being written off the biggest show on television… I’m going to miss ya, Brother!

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