Steve Ward doses out some “Tough Love”

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That’s Steve Ward, the matchmaker host of VH1’s new series “Tough Love,” which brings eight single women together in a house to counsel them on what they’re doing wrong in the dating world. (The show is produced by Drew Barrymore!)

Steve, who runs a matchmaking business with his mother, Joann, features his rules of dating in each episode, and many of them are downright hilarious. Here’s just a couple:

Rule #75: “Shut your yap.” (Advice to those women who can’t shut up when they’re with a man and offer way too much information.)

Rule #21: “Only text on a N2K basis. Like, ‘I’m running late,’ or ‘I can’t make it’ or ‘I’m married.'”

Rule #44: “Keep the past in the past. Past relationships are a lot like passing gas in public; it’s best to pretend it never happened.”

Steve also says that there are five subjects you must avoid on a first date: religion, politics, past relationships, personal finance and anything negative.

But seriously, how can you not become addicted to a show that practically starts out with this exchange?:

Stasha (“Miss Ball Buster”) to Jessa (“Miss Fatal Attraction”): “I want to fix your belly.”

Jessa: “Thanks, Stasha.”

Stasha (in voiceover): “If she feels comfortable, I’m fine. I just thought maybe we could get rid of that belly because she’s so beautiful.”

Each woman, as you may have gathered, has a nickname. Besides Stasha and Jessa, there’s Taylor (“Miss Gold Digger”), Jody (“Miss Lone Ranger”), Natasha (“Mis Guided”), Jacklyn (“Miss Bridezilla”), Abiola (“Miss Picky”) and Arian (“Miss Party Girl”).

Steve has no problem calling these women on their faults. For example, Jody talked entirely too much about her career. It’s her comfort zone, and Steve said, “If I set you up with three guys, and three guys give me the wrong impression of you, they’re not wrong – you’re wrong. Quit being so defensive.”

He also told 38-year-old Jody she needs to be more realistic and must be willing to accept men who are divorced or have children.

“It’s OK to make exceptions for exceptional men,” he said. “A man needs to feel wanted… It’s your job to put it out there in the universe that Jody is ready to fall in love – and (say), ‘Whoever is going to end up with me is going to be one lucky S.O.B.'”

He also criticized Stasha for mentioning – over and over and over again – that she was the 2004 Playboy Playmate of the Year… in Serbia.

Arian also received a lot of criticism.

“You can get any guy you want to have sex with you, but you’re not gonna get anybody to put a ring on your finger,” Steve told her.

“Tough Love” airs at 10 p.m. Sundays on VH1. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

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