“Paranormal State”: Who knew ping pong balls could be so creepy?

You know, the first half-hour of this week’s “Paranormal State” totally scared the bejesus out of me.

The Paranormal Research Society visited Kentucky, where a woman named Debbie and her husband claimed to be experiencing extreme paranormal activity. The moment psychic Chip Coffey (love him!) drove up to the house, he was creeped out. Even burly PRS buddy Chad wigged out when he ventured into the basement.

But by far the creepiest part was when Debbie explained her encounter with the spirit/ghost/demon right when her visiting sister, Donna, committed suicide.

“She went down through the woods and walked out into the river,” described Debbie. “I seen it probably about 10 minutes after that. He was right in my face, and that’s what he said, ‘Don’t be afraid. I can help you. I helped Donna. I can help you, too.'”

Chip picked up on its brazenness, too, as he toured the house.

“It’s bragging again,” said Chip. “(It says) I can kill anybody I want to.”

“Are you f’ing serious?” Chad questioned with a nervous laugh. “I can kill anybody I want to?”

Chip walked right up to Chad. “Even you.”

Later, Ryan Buell started asking it questions.

“Do you know Donna?” he asked.

“I own Donna,” Chip replied, speaking for it.

By far the creepiest looking part of the episode came when Chip – and later Ryan – participated in the Ganzfeld experiment and their open eyes were covered by ping pong balls.

The second-half of the episode, where the team returned to Illinois to help Lara and her family fight the demon hell-bent on killing Lara, was far less thrilling, I thought. Is it just me or does Lara seem amused by all the attention? Either she’s super-duper possessed, or the girl is in serious need of psychological counseling.

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