Jon Gosselin revealed

I uncovered an interview Jon Gosselin did with a Utah TV station a couple months ago. It’s very revealing.



First, Jon admits it was difficult to adjust to his new home life.

“I’m a stay at home dad now.  I went to work every day, 10 hours a day, came home, played with the kids. … I do the whole parenting thing, which is like the hardest thing on the planet.”

“At first it like really bugged me. But Kate explained it to me, ‘It’s like you are providing – If you weren’t home, then I can’t work in New York.”

But don’t get the idea that Jon is home alone with the kids. He’s got help.

“We have a helper there for four to six hours a day. She plays with the kids so I can get stuff done in the house.”

Jon also spoke about his and Kate’s families, revealing that when his mother remarried she moved “far away” and does not want to be filmed.

“She just wants her privacy. She sees how our life is.”

Still, they remain very close.

“I call my mom like four to five times a day. She texts now.”

Kate’s parents are a different story.

“Kate’s parents just aren’t involved. They have 19 grandchildren, and they just aren’t involved. They wanted to be like drop-in grandparents, and we’re like, ‘That’s weird. Who heard of that?'”

Jon says he is very close with his brothers, particularly his younger brother, and that we will see him on the show. (Does that mean his ambivalence about returning for another season has dissipated?)

He also spoke about family members and friends who used to be on the show but aren’t anymore.  (Though not a word is said about Kate’s sister-in-law, Jodi, who was featured in numerous episodes before suddenly disappearing.)

“There are family members who were on and don’t want to be on now, because they realize how crazy it is.”

Jon specifically mentions their friend Beth’s (who co-wrote “Multiple Blessings”) husband, Bob, and says he speaks to him often.

“They (Beth and Bob) didn’t really want to be (filmed), but it just happened that way.”

He also spoke about his relationship with Kate, which is the subject of non-stop discussion.

“We’re not lovey dovey people at all… We know we’re a team, we love each other, and we’ll be together forever.”

He also spoke briefly of their religion, explaining that they have belonged to an Assembly of God church for the past five years.

“I like rely on God totally.”

And in what I consider the most interesting remark of the entire interview, Jon says this:

“We (humans) will always let each other down. … Don’t ever rely on a human, because then you’ll be heartbroken. But God will never let you down.”

You can watch the entire interview here.

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