Bret Michaels’ strikes while the iron is hot

Bret Michaels is no dummy.


Riding high on the third season of his VH1 reality show, “Rock of Love Bus,” Michaels will kick off a tour with his longtime band, Poison (with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick along for the ride), in June. But maybe what you haven’t heard is that Michaels has also penned an autobiography, “Roses & Thorns,” which is due out June 9.

People recently unveiled the book  jacket (see above). The book, published by Simon & Schuster, reportedly recounts Michaels’ upbringing in the middle of Pennsylvania, his lifelong struggle with dia-bee-tus (as only Bret and Wilford Brimley pronounce it), his Poison years, the “car crashes that nearly took his life” and his brilliant career reinvention via the VH1 reality shows.

Hey, I had to give you some Bret Michaels news – it’s another week before we see a new “Rock of Love Bus.”  And the end is coming all too quickly – the show wraps up April 12. 😦

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