“Celebrity Apprentice”: Jesse loses it

Jesse James may have acted like a bit of a jerk last night on “Celebrity Apprentice,” but I still love him.

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Sure, most of the time Clint Black comes across as incredibly annoying and a know-it-all. But what did he do last night that so set Jesse off? I mean, Jesse has been, thus far, so level-headed and cool in “Celebrity Apprentice” that it was shocking to see him so infuriated with their Right Guard task.

“Clint sucks,” declared Jesse as Clint continued to micromanage their task. “…The ad’s cheesy. The layout’s cheesy. The photos are dumb. It’s a bummer.

“I hate it.”

I’m sure it stuck in Jesse’s craw to see Clint act like he was an expert at advertorial displays when Jesse owns his own magazine and has plenty of experience in that area.

Jesse's kind of like the Hulk: You don't want to see him when he's angry.

Jesse's kind of like the Hulk: You don't want to see him when he's angry.

“I laid out one idea that was 100 percent original, but you’re too (bleeping) stupid to realize it,” Jesse told Clint.

The funny/scary part of all of this is how calmly Jesse speaks even when you know he is seriously angry.

Joan Rivers wisely kept her mouth shut as Jesse and Clint threw knives (figuratively speaking) at one another.

“This sounds like my first marriage,” she declared at one point.

Fortunately, KOTU won the challenge and that significantly lightened the mood between Jesse and Clint. Jesse admitted that he still thought their advertisement sucked, but that it was better than Athena’s. Then he turned his attentions to Joan, who was seated between he and Clint.

“There’s this crazy sexual electricity between us,” he told Donald Trump.

That Jesse is so crazy – and hot!

Meanwhile, Joan’s daughter Melissa was just plain crazy when Trump fired her. She went berserk, telling the show’s producers that she wouldn’t agree to an interview and repeatedly yelled “(bleeping) whores!” about her teammates, Brande Roderick and Annie Duke. I can understand her frustration at being eliminated over those two, but the bottom line is that Trump is clearly looking for someone who can pull in a lot of money. Melissa had not been able to do that. Then again, neither has Jesse, but that hasn’t adversely affected him – yet.  Melissa’s intense reaction proved that as annoying as Brande and Annie are, they were right – she was taking things entirely too personally.

Anyway, what are the chances that Joan will return to fight another day? Pretty good, I’d say. She’s going to fight on behalf of Melissa, you watch.

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  1. aven said,

    April 27, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    The title of this episode should be “Celebrity Apprentice High School,” what with the mean girls gossiping between themselves and ostentatiously leaving Melissa out of their exclusive club. Melissa bemoans her fate, but alas, like most high schoolers, believes that no one sees, hears or appreciates her. Then there’s Jesse James the bully, mercilessly insulting and prodding the unpopular one, sulking and acting out to the very end. Clint, like most unpopular ones, doesn’t understand why no one likes him but he tries to please the bully, to no avail. The beauty queens, Brande and Ivanka just by being beaming blondes, are all too aware that simply being beautiful makes them popular; they know they are every teenage girl’s fantasy. Annie is the typical over-achiever who stops at nothing to attain her goals, the aggressive leader who demands constant attention and acknowledgement. Joan is the arbitrator, the school counsellor, who understands the nature of the game, but who, like many crazed counsellors, loses her rationality and objectivity when a family member is attacked. The principal, Trump, pretends to be the most educated, understanding and all-knowing administrator, but becomes a typical high schooler when he blatantly passes a note to the class clown, Kramer. Then, to add insult to injury, he changes the high school rules to obtain the end result he wants: more money for his school. Ah yes, the end justifies the means. .

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