“Lost”: OMG, what were you thinking, brother?

Is it possible that one of my favorite “Lost” characters, Desmond Hume, is a big old perv?

Is it possible this man can't keep his hands - or lips - to himself?/ABC

Can his man keep his hands - or lips - to himself?/ABC

Apparently so – or at least the man who plays him, the good-looking and seemingly charming Henry Ian Cusick. A woman who was formerly employed by ABC filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cusick last week. And you won’t believe what she claims he did.

According to E! Online, Chelsea Stone asserts that the Scottish lad accosted her on the “Lost” set in October 2007. He “placed his hand on her buttocks” and caressed her back “while making moaning sounds.” But evidently he was just warming up! He then, E! reports, placed his face in her cleavage (why is she standing still for this??) and moved his head back and forth. Oh, and he also touched her breasts with his man-paws and kissed her full on the mouth for good measure.

Yup, sounds like a perv to me.

Stone’s suit also claims she reported the incident to her supervisor, who told her to avoid being near the actor. (Typical! What are the chances her supervisor was a man?) Stone says she was fired 12 days later, alleging it was retaliation for reporting the incident. The suit states that Stone worked for the network since 1997.

Stone didn’t just lose her job, though. E! reports that the lawsuit states “plaintiff suffered humiliation and severe mental and emotional distress, and suffered injury when by means of her stress plaintiff miscarried.”

Now that’s just horrible.

You can read the entire lawsuit here.

In the meantime, what does this mean for Cusick’s future on the show? Well, as you may recall, I previously indicated that I think his character will be the one to perish this season. (Not that I have insider information or anything.) And judging by “Lost’s” past history of killing off characters who have run-ins with the law (see Ana Lucia and Libby; though Jin’s gotten a pass – so far), I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Desmond bit the big one by season’s end. And he did get shot a couple weeks back…

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  1. MM said,

    February 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Just for the record, I know Henry Ian Cusick, and, I can attest that he is NOT this kind of a person. This woman is just out for money, and nothing else. Well, some day the real truth will come out, and, all the people who believe that Mr. Cusick is the culprit will eat their words and crow.

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