“America’s Next Top Model”: Let’s hear it for the Jersey girls!

For the first time in “America’s Next Top Model” history, two girls from the Garden State are in the final four.

Meet Aminat from Union./Photos by The CW

Meet Aminat from Union./Photos by The CW

Here's Woodstown native Teyona.

Here's Woodstown native Teyona.

Aminat Ayinde, a 21-year-old student from Union, wowed the judges last night with her rockin’ bod during a photo shoot on a Brazilian beach. Host Tyra Banks said Aminat’s body rivals that of Naomi Campbell. (Hopefully Aminat won’t get into the habit of throwing phones at people.) Teyona Anderson, a 20-year-old loss prevention representative, has consistently impressed Tyra and company with her fascinating face (which makes her look like she’s in a wind tunnel, Tyra has repeatedly said) and ability to show her body’s angles off to its best advantage.

Do Aminat and Teyona have a legitimate chance at winning this “ANTM” cycle? I’d say it’s more than likely. Wide-eyed Allison has certainly stepped it up the last couple of weeks, and she’s got a fresh, different look. But her shyness is killing off any real chance she’s got. And Celia… I love the girl, but I don’t think she’s going to overcome the age thing. Especially since clients seem to notice that she looks older.

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