Jon from Jersey hears the roar of “The Cougar”

Just in case you didn’t know, a bevy of hot young studs are vying for the love of an *older* woman over on TV Land.

"The Cougar" loves her Jersey boy./TV Land

"The Cougar" loves her some Jersey boy./Photos by TV Land

The show is called “The Cougar,” though the kitty in question, mother of four Stacey Anderson, just turned 40. And one of the studly specimens competing for her affections is Jon, a 27-year-old data storage engineer from Manasquan, N.J.

Jon, who’s been doing extremely well in currying Stacey’s favor thus far, nearly bit the dust last night when the lads were encouraged to reveal the biggest secret of their lives. In a move that could still spell his demise, Jon confessed that he had once cheated on a girlfriend with said girlfriend’s best friend.


Like any other woman, Stacey was taken aback by this bit of news about one of her favorite pets. But when she learned he was just a teenager when the cheating occurred, Stacey seemed to relax a bit.

“The fact that he opened up to me about this shows me that I can trust him,” she gushed. “He really cares about me.”

Whether or not Jon is truly trustworthy remains to be seen. But I can’t argue with the fact that he seems to be the most mature and put together men of the bunch. Not that that’s saying much.

“Jon is creepy, he’s sneaky, he’s fake, he’s nerdy and he’s boring,” declared Colt, a 25-year-old musician.

All righty, then! When it comes to harsh words for Jon, Colt’s not alone.

“(Jon) is the most hated guy in the house,” offered Travis, 21.

Ummm…maybe that’s because you all know he’s the front-runner for Stacey’s heart?

Stacey and Jon share a toast.

Stacey and Jon share a toast.

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember that Jon is only 27, because he’s so together, and he’s such an adult,” she raved.

Honestly, I don’t know how Stacey can hang with these young guys and seriously expect to find a significant relationship that will last more than a couple weeks.

Her warning to Jon – “Don’t disappoint me” – may be lost on him in next week’s episode. In a preview for the show, Jon appears to fly off the handle at Travis and the move leaves Stacey shaken. Will this Jersey boy’s recklessness spell the end of his time with “The Cougar”?

Jon blogged about last night’s episode and his revelation to Stacey, which you can read here. Meanwhile, for a funny look at how the guys relate to one another in the house, check out this “Cub Cam” video:

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