Kate (and People and Star and Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly) on her life and marriage

I feel sorry for Kate Gosselin.

(But first, cue “The Way We Were”)

Call me crazy, but it’s true. And seriously, how could you not, especially after reading her interview in this week’s People?

Kate makes a bunch of great points that make perfect sense. She doesn’t seen irrational or unreasonable.  Of course,  the whole point of the piece is to get her side across and to make her look sympathetic. And it works very well, too.  Among her assertions:

*That she has supported Jon as he’s struggled with adjusting to a new way of life.

“I’ve walked through this with him for six months. First he said he’s unhappy, he needs a career. ‘Great,’ I said. ‘Go get a part-time job. Volunteer at the girls’ school, at our church, do whatever you want.’ Never happened. So I said, ‘Go back to school! You wanted to finish your degree? Now is the time!’ Yeah, that never happened. Originally, we’d speak together on the weekends. But then he was saying, ‘I don’t like to speak, you do most of the speaking anyway, why don’t you just go?’ So I started carving him off engagements so he could stay home with the kids. That worked well, for a while. But then it was, ‘Well, I need help.’ Okay, we found a lovely girl and she started helping. And then it was, ‘I can’t live in this neighborhood anymore.’ So right around that time, we moved. Every complaint he’s had I’ve tried to fix. But the bottom line is, choose happiness or don’t. Nobody can make you happy except yourself. And I don’t really feel he is happy.”

people cover

*That her “tightly wound temperament” is what caused Jon to stray and act out.

“Everyone is responsible for their own actions, no matter what. I did not cause this. It’s ridiculous, really, it’s pathetic. Are you kidding me? I drove him to that? Please. I’m not going to say I’m perfect. My horrible moments, I’m not proud of those. But even so, I should not be blamed for the decisions that he’s made.”

“He has a lot of anger. I have a lot of anger, too, and sadness. But i have to keep it in check, for the sake of our kids.”

“It’s a huge disappointment to me. I’m really suffering. He’s made bad choices. Things that I would never ever choose for the father of my children to do. Going out late, being in bars with women until 2 in the morning, buying a car without ever talking to me about it.”

*That her successful careers (both nursing and now as a public speaker and spokeswoman) made Jon feel insignificant.

*“I have always made more money than Jon. That doesn’t bother me at all; it all goes into the same pot. But it obviously, at this point, really matters to him. He hates to speak, he doesn’t write, he doesn’t do public appearances – all those things I love. And now he’s resenting me for it. My point is I could care less if this all died tomorrow, for my sake. It’s for my kids.”

*That she should just stop doing the show.

“Everybody says, ‘Oh quit and go away.’ But I’m hesitant to do that, because I don’t think that’ll make Jon happy either. And therefore I step up for the needs of my kids. I have a huge weight on my shoulders. This needs to go on because I need to be able to provide for my kids.”

This photo was taken today (May 16) at a Party City near the Gosselins' Pennsylvania home. The outing was filmed by their TLC camera crew. And yes, that is Steve Neild standing amongst the children.

This photo was taken today (May 16) at a Party City near the Gosselins' Pennsylvania home. The outing was filmed by their TLC camera crew. And yes, that is Steve Neild standing amongst the children.

“Every day I have moments where I cry and I say, ‘It’s too much. I don’t want to go on.’ And then I think, ‘Well, you have two choices. Your choices are laying on the floor or moving forward for the sake of your kids, your marriage, for everything you believe in.’ And so I pull myself together and I keep going.”

And now, on to the best of the rest…

From this week’s Star:

*Kate approached Jon with a “contract stating that they could live separate lives and he could even have girlfriends, as long as he agreed to come together for filming,” “Aunt” Jodi Kreider, who is married to Kate’s brother, Kevin, says. “Kate wants to keep the show going for as long as she can, and continue to generate opportunities for herself to write more books and become the spokesperson for different companies.”

*Kate is completely on the outs with her family. “Kate doesn’t even speak to me or our three sisters anymore,” Kevin tells Star. “I haven’t talked to her in a year, and it really hurts because we were the closest among our siblings. She’s even stopped talking to our parents! The show and her fame has hurt our relationship. When it started coming between us, I tried to talk to her about it, but she just got more upset.”

*The Gosselins do pretty good, money-wise. Kate charges $3,000 per hour for her speaking engagements, and she charges fans $20 for autographs and $150 per person for special meet-and-greet tea parties.

*Kevin says he and Jodi are no longer on the show because TLC offered to compensate them for their time.

“(Kate) screamed, ‘No one else is getting paid but us! We’re done!’ Her reasoning for pushing me and Jodi away was because the more people you split it up between, the less there is!” Kevin adds that Kate controls all of her family’s finances. “(Jon) told me he had to empty his 401K to survive!”

*Kate has quite the temper.

“One time, Kate was so angry over some little thing that she pulled a huge drawer out of a dresser, dumped the contents on the floor, threw the drawer on top of it and stormed out of the room!” a family source tells Star.

Kevin says, “About a year ago, it got so bad that Kate actually locked Jon out of the house and wouldn’t let him back in for a couple of hours.” Jodi adds, “She’s locked him out several times. And she admitted to me that her two oldest children, Mady and Cara, knew what was going on!”

*New Zealand-born bodyguard Steve Neild, who is purportedly having an affair with Kate, was initially hired by TLC to accompany Kate while she’s on the road promoting her book “Eight Little Faces.”

From this week’s Us Weekly:

*A source says that Kate finds Neild attractive because he is “very funny, quick-witted, (and) alert, as opposed to Jon’s lackadaisical demeanor. Steven is not someone Kate can boss around – that’s a lot of the attraction.”

*Neild’s wife, Gina (who the magazine says “at one time was a friend of Kate’s and sat for the kids”; one time? I’d love to know what happened there!), calls allegations of her husband and Kate having an affair “ridiculous.”

*A family source calls Kate “hands-off, distant” when it comes to her children. “She doesn’t know whose toothbrush is whose or who’s in pull-ups.” Another insider recalls a time when one of Kate’s sons was bleeding at a press event. “She raised her arms and said, ‘Can somebody please deal with this?’ She didn’t say him. She didn’t give him a hug. It was like ‘Ew, get this roach away from me.'”

*The same source praises Jon’s relationship with the kids. “He’s at home the majority of the time, and she’s not.” The magazine refers to a family appearance on CBS’ “The Early Show” in January in which Mady was asked if she has  a great mommy. “I still like Daddy better,” Mady said. Snap!

From this week’s Entertainment Weekly:

*Jon and Kate paid for their $1.1 million home, not TLC. “We’ve worked hard, just like everybody else,” Kate says. “I wish TLC was paying for it, but that ain’t happening. Our mortgage is large and hefty, and we have two mortgages, because we still can’t sell the other house.”

*Jon changed his mind about returning for another season of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” because “I just decided it was to benefit my kids.”

*God help us – Kate is writing another book. (Whether she pens this tome herself or has help – a ghostwriter or otherwise – remains to be seen.) “Love is in the Mix” (due out this fall) is “basically a memory-filled, full-of-family tradition book around holiday food, meals and cooking,” Kate says. “I’ve gotten more e-mails requesting that book than I can talk about. So it’s going to make a lot of people very happy.”

I’m exhausted…

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