Bravo: Get thee to therapy

Thank you, Bravo, for bringing therapy back to reality television.

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Truth be told, I’ve been in withdrawal for a couple of years – which was the last time Jonathan Antin’s beautifully hysterical crying jags graced “Blow Out” every week.

Don't hate me because I have beautiful hair.

Don't hate me because I have beautiful hair.

But thankfully, the weekly (I’m hoping) trip to the therapist is all the rage again, as demonstrated by PC (not to be confused with JC) on Tuesday’s episode of “NYC Prep.”

For the unitiated, “NYC Prep” follows a bunch of rich kids in New York City (natch) as they date, shop, eat and bitch to one another. I’ve heard it’s like “Gossip Girl” (which I’ve never seen), but it reminds me a lot of one of my favorite cheesy films of the ’90s, “Cruel Intentions.” C’mon, like it’s a coincidence that both feature a blond lothario named Sebastian? As if.

Anyway, I digress. I thoroughly enjoyed watching PC’s revealing meeting with the therapist this week, and it totally made me reminisce about  Jonathan’s whiny sessions. One of the main differences between the two is their ages: PC is all of 18 and Jonathan was 38 when “Blow Out” last aired.

And then there’s that little issue of PC being a lot more self-aware than Jonathan ever was…

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