Remembering JFK Jr.

With all of the media attention swirling around the death of Michael Jackson (and rightly so), it’s not hard to forget that this week marks the 10th anniversary of another icon of modern times, John F. Kennedy Jr.

jfk jr

It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire decade since the July 16, 1999, tragic plane crash that took his life and that of his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister, Lauren Bessette.

This week’s issue of People features a fantastic photo spread of Kennedy. The feature is courtesy of his lifelong friend, artist Sasha Chermayeff, and contains candid snapshots and recollections of the John Jr. she loves and remembers. It’s a poignant piece that should not be missed. I’m mentioning it in particular because I’m afraid many people might miss out because the magazine’s Michael Jackson coverage dominates the cover.

Obviously People feels the JFK Jr. piece is a huge draw, too: It’s not even mentioned on its website.  So be sure to check out the magazine; it’s dated July 20.

Meanwhile, TV Guide Network will air a special about Kennedy at 8 p.m. tomorrow (that’s Sunday, July 12) called “John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr.: A Life, A Legacy.”

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  1. Shana Estrada said,

    July 15, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    I completely agree with you and I am glad to see that People and TV Guide Network are remembering John, as well. It is such a tragedy that John, and his wife and sister-in-law are no longer with us. I am a huge fan of John’s. I am looking for other fans who may have tv shows, appearances, specials, interviews,etc. of him that we could trade or I could buy. I have alot of dvd material on him myself.

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