Confessions of a “NYC Prep” fanatic

So I’m not exactly proud to admit it, but I absolutely love “NYC Prep.”

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It’s a hell of an entertaining show, for sure. Though I don’t know why I find watching a bunch of (for the most part) immature, spoiled rich kids so darn amusing. Maybe it’s because I am so glad I’m not a teenager any more?

It’s not exactly like they are your average run-of-the-mill pesty teenagers, either. PC is a fascinating study in contrasts, and I still can’t decide whether I like him or not. (Right now I’m leaning toward loving him; don’t ask me why.) I’m much less enthralled with Sebastian (paging Shaun Cassidy!), though. I find his hair flipping really, really annoying to watch. (Somebody needs to turn that into a drinking game, stat!) And I’m mystified what Taylor (who at 15 seems both incredibly mature and incredibly odd at the same time) sees in Cole.

Separated at birth: "NYC Prep's" Sebastian and Shaun Cassidy.

Separated at birth: "NYC Prep's" Sebastian and Shaun Cassidy./Above credit Bravo

shaun cassidy

I like how obsessed Camille is with her studies and her future career, and how insecure Kelli is. Jessie certainly turns on her bitchiness for the cameras, but I like her, too.  Seriously, this show is like a real live (as much as it can be) version of “Cruel Intentions” and I can’t get enough!

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