“Daisy of Love”: London Calling

I told you Daisy De La Hoya was going to pick London.

It was lust at first sight when Daisy clapped eyes on London./Credit VH1

It was lust at first sight when Daisy clapped eyes on London./Photos Credit VH1

Of course, you probably already figured that out, too. It was obvious she was drawn to him and never recovered after he departed the show. I read somewhere that it really was only a week between when he left and when he came back, so that makes her pining for him a lot more understandable.

Plus, of course, Daisy’s psychic told her London (aka Joshua Lee) was the  best choice of the remaining four guys (which also included Sinister, Flex and 12 Pack).

“London is a homeless sex addict who my psychic thinks is perfect for me,” Daisy declared. “Go figure.”

Who doesn’t listen to their psychic?

I felt really bad for 12 Pack/Dave (who I just learned is a Jersey boy – go Dave!) when he was the first of the final three to be eliminated. But it wasn’t really a surprise, though. Sure, 12 Pack had his jerky moments just like the rest of the guys, but on the whole he seemed a lot more put together and pretty much out of Daisy’s emotional/mental league. He was also by far the funniest of the bunch, as evidenced by the all too hysterical skunk incident.

Don’t cry for 12 Pack. He’ll be getting his own show faster than you can say “banana hammock.” Mark my words.

Fox is out like sauerkraut./Credit VH1

Fox is out like sauerkraut.

And for the rest of my life,  if I ever see another photo of Fox that hilarious “Fox…oooooh yeah” music is going to automatically pop into my head. Thanks, VH1.

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