It’s time for “Jon & Kate Plus 8” to get real

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Jon and Kate Gosselin – and their assorted hangers-on – aren’t going anywhere for a loooooong time.

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No, sirree. Especially when networks – including E! in the above video – are banking on them to score mucho ratings.

Will you tune in to E! Wednesday night to see what Jon’s latest blonde, Kate Major, a former “senior reporter” with Star Magazine (geez, with credentials like those I’m sure we can totally believe whatever comes out of her mouth), has to say about her relationship with the most famous father of eight?

Sadly, you know I will. Though at this point (and I cringe to admit it) I feel a little sorry for Hailey Glassman. Where did this Kate chick come from all of a sudden? Hailey certainly seemed thrown for a loop when she learned – via People, no less – about this other woman’s existence. Then again, it’s kind of funny. The other woman’s upset about another woman. Talk about hypocritical!

And all of this sure is a poor reflection of Jon, who had the support and sympathy of millions. Then he had to ruin it by running around with three considerably younger women – don’t forget Deanna Hummel, who appears to have been left in the dust – and acting like an overgrown teenager (with the hormones to match).

Kate and her brood visited North Carolina in one of last night's episodes./Credit The Insider

Kate and her brood visited North Carolina in one of last night's episodes./Credit The Insider

What did you think of last night’s new “Jon & Kate Plus 8” episodes? They were OK, but at this point, is watching the kids play really what we all want to see? No, we want to see Jon and Kate interact (or avoid each other). We want to see how they’re handling their separation. We want to hear how the divorce proceedings are going. For heaven’s sake, we want to hear Jon’s rationale for hanging around the likes of Michael Lohan. Really, Jon?

(For more on what “Jon & Kate” should really be about, check out this good piece in The Hollywood Reporter.)

What I certainly don’t want to see is the Gosselins getting a brand new F-R-E-E kitchen because some company wants the publicity. What do they need a new kitchen for? Their old one was gorgeous!

I do appreciate Kate’s can-do attitude, though, and I’m glad to hear her speaking more positively.

“It might take me a while, but I can figure it out,” she said when describing her tent-assembling skills.

Apparently this new attitude must be as unfamiliar to her children as it is to the viewers, judging by the kids’ reactions to their mother’s efforts.

“Daddy knows everything about a tent,” Hannah chimed in as Kate struggled to put the tent up.

You have to wonder how much of Kate’s negativity and cutting comments to Jon has permeated her children’s outlook on things. Take this seemingly innocuous comment from Aaden, uttered as Kate tried to get a camp fire going: “The whole world’s going to have smoke in it.”

And then, of course, there was Mady, who – just like her mother – doesn’t mince words.

“(Mom) does a terrible job,” Mady offered. “I was afraid (the tent) was going to collapse in the middle of the night.”

Then again, maybe Mady – at the tender age of 8 – has already learned that more attention is paid to the negative things people like her parents say than the positive things.

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