Dear Kate Gosselin: Please shut up

I love Larry King.

Honestly, I never ever thought I would say that, but it’s true. He did a fantastic job interviewing Kate Gosselin last night on “Larry King Live,” asking her the tough, point-blank questions that everyone seems too scared to ask her.(Are people intimidated by Kate? Discuss.)

Never mind that she didn’t answer any of them, he put her on the spot enough that you could see her squirm. Kate has grown far too comfortable with being thrown softball questions that she can brush off with a pat, “That’s private and I won’t discuss it” kind of answer. Here are just a few of the gems old Larry threw her way:

1) “How do you go from renewing your vows to filing for divorce in a year?”


Kate’s response: “I don’t know.”

(If you don’t, then who does? I wonder.)

2) “When you leave out those details don’t you disappoint the audience that’s come to expect more?”

Kate’s response: The usual spiel about how her main focus is her kids. (But we already know if that were really true she would quit the show and get them into therapy. WHICH, by the way, they are not in.)

3) When Larry quotes Kate’s statement from when she filed divorce papers (“Jon’s activities have left me no choice…”), he asks her, “What are you talking about?”

Kate’s response: She can’t share details, blah blah blah. “For the sake of my children, I only speak positive.”

(For the sake of your children, you should just shut up already.)

4) What exactly happened when the police were called to the house recently?

Kate’s response: She admits it was Jon’s turn to be with the kids, but she’d had a “rough day” and wanted to be with them “instead of the babysitter.” She called the police herself as a precautionary measure in case things got heated.

5) “Is Jon a good father?”

Kate’s response: “I know deep down in my heart he is,” buuuuuut….. “his decisions right now are not ones I would make.”

(Of course they aren’t. You’re not into partying with 20-something chicks.)

After all of that, I still have no idea why Kate went on “Larry King Live” last night, other than to shill “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which is quickly dwindling in the ratings. I mean, she didn’t have anything new to say. I suppose the network yanked the dude ranch episode on Monday and is holding it for next week, so that Kate could promote it on Larry’s show in the hopes that it will attract more viewers.

And here’s my bonus “I-never-thought-I’d-say-it” moment: Larry’s second guest of the evening, Kathie Lee Gifford, offered some sage advice for Kate. In addition to saying she thinks the healthiest thing for the Gosselin kids is to get out of the spotlight, she added this gem:

“Sometimes we talk too much about everything, and we assume that everybody is fascinated about it. When in reality, we should only talk to the people that truly care, whose opinions really matter to us.”

Wow. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Kate.

1 Comment

  1. Helen Whitehead said,

    September 23, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Kate and Jon are both very selfish. Jon is very imature. They are neither one fit to raise a snail.Mattie isnt the only one having a tuff time adjusting. The other ones just arent so vocal. We need to prayer for each and everyone of them.

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