Hot in the (Atlantic) City: Jon’s out, “True Blood’s” Ryan is in

Things are going pretty well for Jon Gosselin lately.

I'm sure Jon Gosselin will find some other way to occupy his Labor Day weekend. A little shopping, maybe?/Credit Just Jared

I'm sure Jon will find another way to occupy his Labor Day weekend. A little shopping, maybe?/Credit Just Jared

Sure, his marriage is kaput, and his soon-to-be ex-wife Kate is trashing him from here to eternity, but he’s got a pretty, young woman who’s standing by him (that would be Hailey, at least so far this week),

Vodpod videos no longer available.

he recently hung with a bevy of beauties poolside in Vegas, and “Good Morning America” lets him tell his side of the sordid “Jon & Kate Plus 8” tale in an interview set to air next Tuesday on both its show and ABC’s “Primetime” that same night.

But not everything is going Jon’s way. Take this weekend, for example. According to E! Online, the father of eight was all set to host another poolside party – this time at Harrah’s in Atlantic City – when he was unceremoniously bumped from the festivities and replaced by someone else:

Recognize him?

Recognize him?

Look familiar? He should; he’s Ryan Kwanten, who’s been burning up TV screens this summer as Sookie Stackhouse’s dim-bulb brother Jason in HBO’s “True Blood.”

Actually, it seems like Jon may have to blame TLC for the mess. E! cites a Life & Style report that the network forced Jon to back out of the gig at the same time it required Kate to cancel an appearance at another Atlantic City casino, Resorts.

So really, the big news here is that RYAN KWANTEN will be in Jersey on Saturday, beginning at 10 p.m. Go here to find out how you can join him (for only $20!!!).

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