“Shark Tank” gives Mr. Tod a sweet taste of success

If you’ve been watching ABC’s “Shark Tank” every week, you know good pie when you see it.

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Specifically, Mr. Tod’s pies. Mr. Tod – aka Tod Wilson – was the very first entrepreneur featured on the series, which premiered this summer. He was also the first entrepreneur (and one of the few) savvy enough to strike a deal with the two of the show’s investors (and millionaires), FUBU founder Daymond John and real-estate guru Barbara Corcoran.

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Why am I so interested in Mr. Tod and his pies? Because both of Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory locations are in my town – one within a stone’s throw from my house – of Somerset, N.J. I have to give Tod major props for putting Somerset (aka Franklin Township) on the reality TV map. Plus, he’s a likable guy.

But Mr. Tod’s success story doesn’t end there. No sirree. Last night’s episode of “Shark Tank” featured an update on Tod, who certainly seems thankful that he accepted Daymond and Barbara’s deal (even though he relinquished half of his business in the process).

“Since I did my deal, business has tripled,” Tod revealed in the segment.  “I’m on course to make millions this year, all because of the ‘Shark Tank.’

“It’s turned my life and business around.”

Even better – his appearance and subsequent deal on “Shark Tank” quickly landed him on QVC, hawking his pies. Check this out:

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“Within five minutes (on QVC), I sold thousands of pies,” Tod said.

Who knows what other fortunes await Tod in the future? While we wait to find out, you can order his 10-piece mini-pie assortment directly from QVC, and you can follow Mr. Tod’s progress on both his Facebook page and his Twitter page.

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