Who let the dogs out? Jon Gosselin, that’s who

You know that “high road” Kate Gosselin keeps referring to when avoiding questions about her someday ex-husband, Jon?


Well, I’ve decided to take it and not expound upon the fact that there’s yet another woman Jon evidently fooled around with who’s also singing like a canary to a tabloid. Thanks, but no thanks, In Touch Weekly.

Though I must say… Jon sure can pick ’em, can’t he?

Anyway, on to the topic at hand: E! Online reports that the Gosselin dogs – German Shepherd puppies Shoka and Nala (remember how the kids freaked out about those names? They were right!) – are next to get the boot from the family’s sprawling Wernersville, Pa., manse.  But rather than bemoaning this bit of news or feeling sorry for the two pups, I’m actually happy.

You would think that a large estate like the Gosselins would be the perfect place for two growing German Shepherd puppies. Think again.

You would think that a large estate like the Gosselins would be the perfect place for two growing German Shepherd puppies. Think again.

Because those dogs deserve better than the life they have with the Gosselins.

That’s not to say that I think the family had any ill intentions toward those dogs, but from what we’ve seen on the show – and can imagine simply by thinking about having to raise eight children – they certainly were not getting the time and attention they need.

One incident shown on “American Chopper” (the crossover episode) particularly disturbed me. While the Gosselins were visited by the motorcycle experts, Kate freaked out when one of the dogs gobbled up a small amount of food from their outdoor picnic.

“Put them in their crate,” Kate instructed Jon (who else?). “That’s where dogs belong.”

It’s probably not a stretch to say that the reason why the Gosselins got two German Shepherds (I say “got” because we know they didn’t purchase them.. speaking of which, I wonder how TLC feels about footing the bill for them now that they’re being given away?) is for protection. C’mon, they’re German Shepherds! They are there to protect and guard the family and the property – and to keep the paparazzi at bay, I’m sure.

So given how they have been treated (by Kate at least) – not to mention all of the pulling, tugging and probing by the children – I think Shoka and Nala will be better off.

I just hope their new owner changes their names.

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