Not all New Jerseyans are “pale and angry”

New Jersey has been taking a real beating on television lately.

First there was Jennifer Aniston asking Jersey girl Chelsea Handler what was up with the Garden State’s proliferation of scents along the Turnpike. (Ummm, they’re called refineries, Jennifer.)

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Then late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien took a swipe the state’s largest city, Newark, in a recent bit.

And now it’s “Mercy’s” turn. The new NBC drama – which takes place at a fictional New Jersey hospital (wow, what an original idea!) – went all-out against the Garden State in a pivotal scene last week between two Iraq War vets, nurse Veronica (the wonderful Taylor Schilling) and doctor Chris (James Tupper), who also happen to be former lovers.

First, a quick set-up of the scene: The doctor is none too happy to be stuck in a two-year contract with the Jersey City hospital. But that’s his own fault, since he signed it just to be near Veronica, who’s in the process of reconciling with her estranged hubby.

“Don’t defend New Jersey,” says the doctor. “It’s marginally better than Iraq is the best thing you can say about it.”

“That is your snobby opinion,” Veronica shoots back. (She can’t do any better than that?)

“The Earth is round, the sun rises in the east, and New Jersey sucks,” he continues. “I’d like to get a fresh plum. I’d like to get decent Mexican food. I’d like to go surfing, but I can’t because I live in New Jersey.

“I’d like to actually see a face that’s not pale and angry, but I can’t because I live in New Jersey. And do you know why the faces are pale and angry? Because the people live in New Jersey!”

Oh yeah? Well, if I really was pale and angry, I’d be thinking that NBC has an ax to grind with New Jersey…

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  1. Anonymous said,

    March 19, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I live here. NJ is pale and angry.

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