Carrie Fisher got fresh with me – and I liked it

I have confetti stuck inside my bosom… and it’s all Carrie Fisher’s fault.

When I bought a ticket to see her one-woman Broadway show, “Wishful Drinking,” I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so, um, interactive.

Chalk that up to my mistake – one which I learned in the first few moments of the show, which is part comedy, part tragedy and consistently funny.

When Fisher first takes the stage, she’s in a good mood, joyfully singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” She immediately introduces herself to the audience in a more intimate fashion – by sprinkling the heads occupying the front row with metallic confetti.

But when she arrived at my seat at a matinee earlier this week – lucky me! – Fisher wasn’t content with simply plopping the handful of confetti on my newly shorn hair, oh no. In addition, she grabbed my blouse – which, admittedly, revealed a teasing bit of decolletage – and unceremoniously dumped another handful down it!

Now, in addition to thoroughly enjoying the show (one word of advice, though: skip the book of the same name until after you’ve seen the show), I can add “Carrie Fisher got fresh with me” to my list of accomplishments.

Not too bad, eh?

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