New Jersey is where it’s at

We may be experiencing icy-cold temps, but things are definitely cookin’ here in New Jersey.

Move over, Kleinfeld. Diane & Co. is coming to Oxygen./Photo credit Diane & Co.

Aside from California, the Garden State has probably been getting the most attention these days from reality television. Let’s review, shall we?

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” has Ocean County covered.  TLC balanced the overexposed Pennsylvania Gosselin multiples with a kinder, gentler alternative, “Table for 12,” which features one of Marlboro’s (Monmouth County) finest, police officer Eric Hayes, and channeled its inner “Sopranos” with Buddy Valastro’s Hoboken (Hudson County) bake shop in “Cake Boss.” And Bravo bounded Bergen County onto the reality TV map with a little show called “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

As of now, at least two more shows will represent assorted corners of the Garden State this year. As I mentioned previously,  The Style Network knows Somerset County is tasty and will get to prove that to the rest of the world when it debuts “Jerseylicious,” about a Green Brook hair salon, beginning March 21. (You can read all about Route 22’s Gatsby Salon stylists right here.)

Not to be outdone, Oxygen is getting in on the Garden State love with “Jersey Couture,” which focuses on an upscale dress shop in Freehold. Way to represent, Monmouth County!

According to MTV News, the shop is Diane & Co. on Route 9, which is run by Diane Scali and her family.

“With a no nonsense attitude, the Scali family’s extravagant dress store is the premiere glamour stop in New Jersey,” Oxygen said in a press release. “Get ready for the Cinderella experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s for her (sic) bride’s maid’s needs or her high school prom frills, when it comes to ‘what to wear’ to that elegant affair, no one gets the job done like the ladies at Diane & Co.”

Sounds like “Say Yes to the Dress” for the teen crowd, no?

You can learn more about Diane & Co. – and perhaps get a taste for what the show will be like – by following the shop on its Facebook page.

Meanwhile, I want to know how long it will take before Middlesex County gets its big break…


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    Environmental concern is now firmly embedded in public life: in training, medicine and law; in journalism, literary works and art.

  2. January 13, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    […] addition to this list, at least three more will join the ranks this year: the tentatively titled “Jersey Couture” (about a dress shop in Freehold/Monmouth County) from Oxygen, “Jerseylicious” (about a […]

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