Jersey-tastic: “Jersey Shore” and “Chelsea Lately”

After being bombarded by two brand-new episodes of “Jersey Shore” last night (both of them drama-filled), it’s hard to believe that the show is coming to an end next week.

Hopefully, just because the show’s first season – it supposedly has been renewed for a second, according to castmate Vinny – is almost over doesn’t mean that the cast (primarily Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D) won’t continue doing hilarious appearances like last night’s interview on “Chelsea Lately.”

Not surprisingly, New Jersey came up in conversation (how could it not?).

After discovering that Pauly is from Providence, Rhode Island, Livingston native Chelsea Handler asked Snooki where she was from.

“Upstate New York,” she replied.

“So this should be called New York,” Chelsea concluded. “New York and Rhode Island, actually.”

In addition to learning that The Situation and Snooki *hooked up* (choose your definition), Chelsea quizzed the trio on their recent run-ins with the Hollywood elite – who apparently are fans of the show, too.

“We were with Kevin Connolly (“Entourage”) the whole night,” The Situation explained of an outing this week. “And he’s like, ‘Oh, I want to bring you to this VIP table.’ And all of a sudden, we walk over and somebody’s got a hat on and (Kevin’s) like, ‘Oh, I want you to meet somebody.’

“I look up and it’s Leo (Leonardo DiCaprio). He’s like, ‘GTL, baby.'”

For the uninitiated, GTL was introduced in last week’s “Jersey Shore” episode and refers to Pauly and The Situation’s daily routine of gym, tan and laundry.

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