Jesse James: Oh no he didn’t!

I am totally bummed.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, rumors are flying that Jesse James cheated on his Oscar winner wife Sandra Bullock.

According to In Touch Weekly, the affair went on for nearly a year, and the woman Jesse allegedly cheated with is a tattoo model.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee tells In Touch Weekly she and Jesse had sex numerous times while Sandra was in Georgia filming “The Blind Side.”  Worse yet, she claims he didn’t use protection.

This all seems so… sordid. And, despite Jesse’s past (which includes two ex-wives, one of whom is Janine Lindemulder, a porn star who served time in prison for tax evasion), he’s always seemed so devoted, loving, honorable and crazy about Sandra.

I’ve written about their apparent passion for one another numerous times – here, here and here – so this latest bit of disturbing news is especially upsetting.  And let’s not forget that Sandra has been instrumental in helping Jesse maintain custody of the daughter he shares with Janine.

Is there a chance that the tabloids have gotten it all wrong? Sure. But when Sandra goes and cancels her appearance at the London premiere of “The Blind Side” (for which she just won an Oscar), and Jesse abruptly deletes his Twitter account without a word, you’ve got to wonder.


  1. avagacser said,

    March 26, 2010 at 7:20 am

    Thanks for the compliments, Carolynn! I’m extremely disheartened by all of this Jesse James cheating news. Honestly, I never thought we’d hear about all of these women coming out of the closet claiming to have slept with him. I can’t imagine how hurt Sandra must be by all of this – especially after the lengths she’s gone to help him fight for custody of Sunny. After watching “Celebrity Apprentice” I totally understood his appeal. He’s a *reformed* bad boy. Except, as unfortunately Sandra and the rest of the world has discovered, he ain’t so reformed.

    The only thing I can say in Jesse’s defense is that at least he owned up to it quickly.

  2. Carolynn420 said,

    March 19, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    I am a newbee to your site! I love it! I love it! I love it! Keep it up girl! Thank you for filling me in on everything that I have questions about! Now I just go to your site!

    I’m not saying I love The View or anything, but I dvr it to try to catch up on all the current events that are going on. I have to say OMG! OMG! I found out through the view, about Sandra’s jerk of a husband was having an affair. Well, I couldn’t believe it so I turned to the internet and within seconds I stumbled upon your site. Hope I don’t hurt your feelings, but I had never heard of you. And I am so glad that I finally found you! I don’t have very many sites saved, because I need news and I mean real news, and your sites fits into my life perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time to keeping all of us up to date. Please never stop what your doing.
    Now as for Jesse James, part of me wants to personally just ring his neck and maybe even snap it. But that’s not me and I literally cannot hurt a fly – I can’t. Before I get to my rant, and let me tell you, I am mad. If you have anyway to check Sandra’s acceptance speech at the Oscar’s, did Sandra really thank her husband or was that just a thank you that you could take that way?
    I have to find if and listen to it again, because I was at a friends house with a bunch of people and couldn’t ask to rewind it, but I thought I was pretty sure she didn’t not say ‘my husband’ I think it was implied, but something was up then. I could be wrong but I need to find out for sure.
    But Sandra Bullock did not want to get married, never thought she would ever find anyone that wouldn’t betray her. She just didn’t want to go through the pain. She is such an incredible woman and to have finally found the love of her life, when she wasn’t even looking for love, well you’d think it actually meant to be. And by looking at some Jessie’s facial expressions and his nervousness on the apprentice, he just seemed like he was a very honest, above board, wouldn’t hurt a fly (especially his wife), kind of guy. Just really sweet.
    But, I guess you can never trust anyone who holds so much inside. Why didn’t he break it off with her first? Why did he have to be such a jerk to have to be sexually with other woman when he had IMO the most beautiful, sexy, down to earth woman in the world at home waiting for him? Why? Why? Why?
    Don’t these A&&hol@ men understand that being with another man or vise versa while they are still married to the woman that they were so madly in love with once upon a time, is the most hurtful and heartless thing they could ever do? If they went to there wife and said, I want a divorce (for what ever reason, just not another women) the woman would still be crushed, but at least, they would still feel like woman and be able to pick up the pieces and go on. But when there is another woman involved instead of a hundred of pieces to pick up, now there are thousands of pieces and so many more months or years to get your life back in order, because it makes you feel like, what is wrong with me. When it’s really just that the guy is a jerk a big jerk that will never be happy and will die alone because he can never be happy with just one woman. Stay away from men who give you that feeling, you know that gut feeling, the feeling or intuition that all women were born with that says: There is something that just isn’t right. I am crazy in love with this man, but my intuition is just telling me something isn’t right. I’m not sure if Sandra ever got that intuition feeling or not, but I got a uneasy feeling from him years ago that just scared me. I don’t know why, I knew I would never meet him. I actually got the same feeling long ago with Tiger Woods. He just seemed like he was a spoiled brat and most of the pics with him and Elin, he wasn’t smiling, she was but he wasn’t. Same with Jessie, he hardly ever smiles. Sandra tries to pull him close to kiss him or talk to him and he is pulling is head back. I feel so bad for Sandra. How could he crush her like that.

  3. March 19, 2010 at 6:10 am

    […] epidemic has been wildly spreading, Tiger Woods, David Letterman, David Duchovny, and most recently Jesse James. And I think it is great that South Park is responsible enough to take the bull by its horn and […]

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