A “Jerseylicious” tour of the Garden State

Wondering where in the world “Jerseylicious” has been the past four weeks? Wonder no longer!

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Here is a complete list of all of the faces and places featured on the Style Network show from the second half of the season. You can find recaps of the first four episodes here and here.

Episode 8

Manville Lanes (Manville): Hairstylist Gigi and her boyfriend Frankie bowl here and all the while Gigi bugs him about what they’re going to do for their “big” two-year anniversary.

Olivia and Briella share an apartment at this complex, located on Pierce Street in Somerset./Photo by Ava Gacser

AVE Somerset (Somerset): Makeup artist Olivia practices doing makeup at her apartment on her roommate Briella’s teenage cousin. This is where she dreams up the idea of a Glam Fairy “Glammy Girl.”

Mountain View Diner (Middlesex): Olivia fleshes out her “Glammy Girl” concept with Briella during a two-hour lunch in which they also discuss 20something Briella’s Botox treatment.

The famed Rutgers Grease trucks are located in a parking lot on the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street in New Brunswick./Credit Niketalk.Yuku.com

Rutgers Grease Trucks (New Brunswick): Olivia, Briella and Gatsby errand boy/resident flirt Filippo visit this site of a recent “Man Vs. Food” episode to find models and attendees for Olivia’s “Glammy Girl” fashion show at the Gatsby.

Reve New York (Englewood): Olivia visits this upscale boutique to get dresses for the “Glammy Girl” fashion show.

Michael Anthony’s (Jersey City): This waterfront restaurant is the site of New Jersey Life Health & Beauty’s revelation that Gatsby is the winner of the cover shoot contest, beating out East Hanover’s Bella Pia European Salon & Hair Boutique.

Dunkin Donuts (?): During a celebration of their two-year anniversary at the site of their first meeting (an idea eerily similar to a scene in “Better Off Dead”), Frankie surprises Gigi with a *promise* ring.

Episode 7

Locks of Love: A non-profit charity that takes hair donations and uses them to create hair prosthetics for financially-disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss. It is during the Gatsby’s Locks of Love fundraiser that salon owner Gayle blows a gasket and fires hairstylist Tracy, who has a very public fight with makeup artist/nemesis Olivia’s roommate, Briella. Briella is subsequently banned from the Gatsby.

Matteo’s Pizza & Pasta (Somerset): I am guessing this is the right place because it’s not far from the Gatsby. Salon owners Gayle and Christy take Tracy and Olivia to dinner to discuss the Locks of Love fundraiser.

Our Lady of …? (Newark): Site of the christening of hairstylist Anthony’s niece, who is also his goddaughter.

Downtown Printing Center (New Brunswick): Tracy and Olivia have fliers printed up here to advertise the Gatsby’s Locks of Love event.

Magic 98.3 WMGQ (Somerset): Olivia and Tracy do a radio spot during Debbie Mazella’s radio show advertising the Locks of Love fundraiser.

D&M Custom Auto Body/Buglione Body Shop (? ): Gigi’s boyfriend Frankie works at this shop, and she uses him and his coworkers to determine which tomato sauce she should use for the salon’s unofficial “Sauce Off.”

Credit Style Network

Episode 6

Closet for Her 07631 (Englewood): This women’s boutique could one day be considered the site of hairstylist Tracy’s introduction to the fashion industry. She brings Gatsby colleague Gigi along with her to help style hair for three models who pose in the front window of the boutique.

B. Artise: The fashion designer hires Tracy to style her models’ hair for a window fashion gig at Closet for Her 07631. She throws Tracy fora  loop when she changes her mind about the hairstyles – from romantic to edgy – but Tracy handles it with aplomb and B. Artise is happy with the result.

AVE Somerset (Somerset): Makeup artist Olivia shares an apartment with her friend Briella in this complex. In this episode, it’s the site of her supervisor Alexa’s (aka The Glam Fairy) blind date, Ryan. Alexa, Ryan, Olivia and Len from Bridgewater head out on the town for a double date. Ryan, it turns out, owns a painting company in Hillsborough, has a real-estate license and is a firefighter. Alexa goes gaga.

Origin Thai (Somerville): Now this one’s a guess, and if it turns out I’m not correct please let me know. But I believe this is the Thai restaurant Alexa and Olivia go to for dinner with their double dates Ryan and Len. Alexa tries to have a serious, get-to-know-you conversation with Ryan while Len repeatedly interrupts to remark how spicy the food is. Riveting.

Perle (New Brunswick): Olivia’s choice of a nightclub – which she refers to as “the best fist-pumping club in Central Jersey” (listen up, “Jersey Shore”!!!!) – to visit after dinner shocks Alexa, who at first is turned off by the clientele. However, she soon gets into the spirit of things and winds up having a lot more fun than Olivia – who has the misfortune to run into her ex-boyfriend, Lorenzo, who is dating Tracy, her nemesis from Gatsby. “The thing about Jersey is when you go to a club you see everyone,” Olivia laments.

Marina del Rey (Throgs Neck, N.Y.): Site of a wedding done Glam Fairy style. After a rocky start helping out Alexa, Olivia proves herself to be worthy of Glam Fairy status.

Episode 5

Wyndham Garden Hotel (New York City): Gayle, Alexa, Olivia and Tracy stay here during a trip to the city.

Tracy and Olivia seem traumatized after a "make-under" at the Warren-Tricomi Salon on West 58th Street./Credit InStyle.com

Warren-Tricomi Salon (New York City): Gayle and Alexa bring Olivia and Tracy here for lessons in makeup/hair and ask owners Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi to give the girls “make-unders.”

Brother’s Pizzeria (Staten Island, N.Y.): This family-owned business spawned Filippo, who Anthony brings into Gatsby’s on a trial basis. Filippo – a born flirt who admits “I was probably made in a pizzeria” – would love to combine his passions for pizza and hairstyling.

Nikki Midtown (New York City): A restaurant/club that the four women visit during their trip to NYC. Alexa’s friend owns it. Gayle and Alexa are horrified to see Olivia and Tracy show up looking as they usually do, despite their make-under just hours before. “Leopard jacket. Snakeskin shoes. Welcome to New Jersey,” Tracy declares after redoing her make-under.

Zoog (New York City): This hair/nail salon is the site of Olivia’s meltdown when Alexa instructs the manicurist to remove Olivia’s fake nails. “You want nails more than you want to be a makeup artist?” Alexa asks her during a crying jag out on the street. “It’s not taking the Jersey out of you.”

Ben’s Delicatessen (New York City): The four women go there to eat and calm down after Olivia’s nail debacle. Their matzo ball soup looks yummy!

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