“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”: Eat, talk about Danielle, repeat

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What places have “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” – aka Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo and yes, Danielle Staub – been visiting lately? Keep reading!

It's going to be strange not seeing Dina around anymore./Photo credit the New York Daily News

“She’s like parsley. She’s everywhere.” – Caroline on Danielle

Episode 8

202 Italian Bistro (Lincoln Park): Caroline and Jacqueline meet a perpetually tardy-to-the-party Teresa to nosh on food and more (what else?) Danielle drama. For women who purport to be tired to hearing/speaking/thinking about Danielle, they sure do it an awful lot! “She better stay far, far away from me,” Teresa warns.

Wayne Surgical Center (Wayne, where else?): Danielle meets with plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir to discuss repairing her deformed, lopsided bubbies. She wants surgery not only to end the daily pain she endures, but “just to feel desirable” again.

Makeup Designory or MUD (New York City): Caroline’s daughter Lauren continues pursuing her passion for makeup at this school.

Posche Boutique (Wayne): Teresa and Jacqueline visit Danielle’s favorite clothing store to shop and drink mimosas with Danielle on-again-off-again friend Kim D. Teresa is curious about Kim D.’s alliance, but says she’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. As for Danielle, she advises, “If you’re a pig, own up to it.”

Dr. Michael Fiorillo (Ridgewood): The plastic surgeon who performs Danielle’s reconstructive surgery by taking out her old implants, removing scar tissue and inserting new implants. Danielle is referred to him by Dr. Kassir. It is, according to Danielle, her fourth breast surgery. “She has one of the biggest deformities ever,” declares Dr. Fiorillo. TMI!

Suga Sushi Bar (Secaucus): Caroline and Al take all three kids – Albie, Lauren and Christopher – out for Japanese at a restaurant that was the site of one of their very first dates.

Elvira may or may not become Dina's replacement, but one thing's for certain: The woman loves attention!

Elvira Grau: This outspoken party planner organized Teresa’s fabulous housewarming party. The owner of Space Odyssey in Englewood was also featured on “Bethenny Getting Married?” last week as the host of an event “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel attended in Cresskill. Elvira’s party for Teresa included flame/sword swallowers, breakdancers, a red carpet and pseudo Playboy bunnies. “Even though she can be annoying, Elvira did an amazing job,” Teresa declares. And while Elvira reportedly issued a press release declaring her Dina’s replacement on the show, that is supposedly not the case.  You can read all about that right here.

Episode 7

Chakra was an interesting choice for Dina and Danielle's feisty meeting.

Chakra (Paramus): The site of Dina’s “I want you out of my life” showdown with Danielle, which included such bon mots as “It was embarrassing,” via Dina. “I mean, people were trying to eat” and “You are as fake as that hair on your head” via Danielle.

Alstede Farms (Chester): Teresa and her clan, Jacqueline and her brood, Ashley and Derek and Albie take a seasonal trip outdoors. Joe, Chris and Albie ask Derek to join their friendly little poker game.

Positano Ristorante (Wayne): Danielle gets together with her friends (including Kim G.) to discuss her encounter with Dina and to read aloud a long email Dina wrote in response to the fracas.

A&S Pork Store (West Paterson): Chris and Albie go shopping here for some snacks – $544 worth, to be exact – for poker night. They discuss the Ashley situation and it’s revealed that nobody knows where she’s living. How is that possible?? We know the teenager’s not paying her bills without help, right?

Squeeze Lounge (Weehawken): Danielle and her gal pals get some lessons in pole dancing, but it seems Danielle doesn’t really need them. “We were more burlesque dancers then,” she insists, also revealing she’s accustomed to getting $20s, $50s and even $100s thrown her way. While showing off her moves, she says, “This is what worked in the ’80s for the father of my children.” Ick?

Episode 6

Xist Model & Talent (Caldwell): Gia attends more acting lessons at this talent agency while Teresa tries relating to the other parents. One father just rolls his eyes. Teresa also doesn’t understand why anyone would tell her daughter to get rid of her “big Jersey accent.”

Chateau is literally where it all started...

Chateau Salon (Franklin Lakes): Jacqueline runs into Kim G. and – guess what? – they discuss Danielle. “Her voice changes and I think her head actually turns around,” Jacqueline says, adding that Danielle definitely has a temper and can’t taken any criticism.

Bottagra Restaurant (Hawthorne): Teresa meets Jacqueline here and they discuss Ashley “threatening” Danielle. Not for nothing, but why is Danielle even bothering to respond to a teenager’s comments on Facebook?

Sams (Livingston): Danielle accompanies her new BFF Danny on a shopping spree. Bet she didn’t foot the bill.

A&S Fine Foods (Wyckoff): Caroline and hubby Al go shopping and chat up their family butcher, Angelo.

Chakra (Paramus): Dina invites Danielle to meet her here. Danielle thinks she’s going to get an apology, while Dina has something altogether different in mind. “The only thing, Danielle, right now that’s making me unhappy is having you in (my life),” she tells her. Ouch!

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