“Twilight”: A whole lotta howling goin’ on in New Jersey

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So I attended the “Twilight” convention in Parsippany this weekend, and there were more wolves there than you could shake a fist at.

Whoa, Nelly! You don't want to see us angry.

Here’s the highlights (in my opinion, anyway) of what the stars said/did. Alas, Robert Pattinson was not in attendance.

This was the closest - and best - shot I got of any of the actors all day./All convention photos by Ava Gacser

Bronson Pelletier (Jared)

On his T-shirt: It promotes the organization Bullets 4 Peace, which helps fundraise for assorted charities. The fundraiser Bronson is involved with helping is Operation Smile, which pays for surgery to repair children’s cleft palates.

On everyone’s obsession with Edward Cullen: “Real men don’t sparkle.”

On eating so many muffins in “New Moon”: “I just thank the Lord they weren’t bran muffins.”

On his favorite “Twilight” character, Jasper: “He doesn’t give a crap about Robert, (he’s just like) ‘I’m going to eat your woman.” Realizing his gaffe, he quickly added, “My apologies. I meant Edward and Bella.”

On fame: He was approached by a member of a bachelorette party, who offered to buy him a drink. Flattered and thinking that she recognized him, he accepted. It turned out, though, that it was part of a game the bachelorettes were playing that involved approaching men who resemble “Jersey Shore” cast members. “I don’t look like anybody from ‘Jersey Shore.’ Do I?”

On his favorite animal: “I love cougars. No pun intended, I swear.”

(Even though he was about a mile away, I swear he had a glimmer in his eye. Rrrrroar!)

Booboo Stewart charmed the crowd in Parsippany. I only WISH I could've snapped a picture when I almost ran into him coming out of the men's room. Tres cute!

Booboo Stewart (Seth Clearwater)

On his favorite singer: Former Skid Rod frontman and Jersey resident Sebastian Bach. “He’s a great singer. I saw him open for Velvet Revolver and Alice in Chains.”

(FYI, I think I was one of the few people there who actually knew who Sebastian Bach was.)

On his buff bod: The credit all goes to his mom, a personal trainer. “She really whips my butt.”

On Bronson’s chances of being on reality TV: “I could see him on ‘Jersey Shore.’ Don’t tell him that. It’s just not a compliment.”

Yes, they practically look like dots. But I promise you that is Chaske, from left, Tinsel and Alex.

Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley)

On his favorite actors: “Eric Schweig and Graham Greene.”

(Two of my favorite actors, Eric played Uncas in “Last of the Mohicans,” and Graham has starred in numerous films, including “Dances with Wolves” as Kicking Bird, “Thunderheart” and a little-known film called “New Moon” as Harry Clearwater.)

On his favorite thing about New Jersey: “Bruce Springsteen.”

On his future plans: “I’d like to produce/direct a movie about Crazy Horse. I have an obsession with that story.”

On meeting the “Jersey Shore” cast at the MTV Movie Awards: “The ‘Jersey Shore’ guys were cool.”

Alex Meraz (Paul)

On other vampire shows/movies: He’s a big “True Blood” fan, and is friends with one of the show’s writers. He says he was considered for the part of Jesus, Lafayette’s boyfriend, but that they decided he was a little too young for the part.

On his favorite book: “The Alchemist” (by Paulo Coelho). “It’s inspirational.”

(It also happens to be a recent Amazon.com purchase of mine! I haven’t started it yet, though.)

On meeting the “Jersey Shore” cast: “The girls thought they were all that and a bag of Doritos.”

Tinsel Korey (Emily Young)

On crazy fan stories: She recalled that Booboo (whom she’s traveled a bit with doing promotion for “Eclipse”) was propositioned by a “40-year-old woman.” “You want to make out?” she said the woman asked him.


She went on to say she doesn’t receive the adulation that her male costars get from female fans. She pointed out that if she did, it would be considered creepy (being approached/manhandled by male fans) and would probably result in the police being called. She pretty much implied everyone should keep their hands to themselves. (And she’s totally right.)

This is probably one of the worst pictures of the bunch, and it also happens to be my only one of Kiowa.

Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call)

On cast pranks: Unbeknowst to him, Tinsel Corey (Emily Young) changed his computer homepage to a photo of romance novel model Fabio. “Why the heck is Fabio on my homepage?”

On “Jersey Shore”: “The Situation just makes me laugh, because of how pathetic he is.”

(“Pathetic” he may be, but he’s also filthy rich.)

Who is that tall, bald man?

Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus)

On the audition process: “I didn’t have to audition. (Director) Chris (Weitz) just said, ‘Do you want to come sleep in a chair for a few weeks and wear really comfortable slippers?”

On working with Michael Sheen: “Michael demands the spotlight, so I’m like, ‘Take it. I’ll be over here sleeping.”

On the next “Twilight” installment: “I really hope in ‘Breaking Dawn’ I slap Caius.”

The Hillywood Show's "New Moon" parody was pretty good, too. The actors did a great job minicking Edward, Bella, Jacob and the bunch.

Jacob, doing his best Zoolander impression.

If you haven’t seen Hillywood’s “New Moon” parody, check it here:

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