Nigel Barker live = Priceless

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How much would you pay to be photographed by this man?

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... OR because I have the most gorgeously clipped English accent.

A $100 asking price wasn’t enough to dissuade a long line of lucky ladies (and men!) from the privilege of having “America’s Next Top Model” judge, *noted fashion photographer* Nigel Barker, step behind the camera and snap away during Fashion’s Night Out earlier this month in New York City.

That’s right: Plunking down five $20 bills for Lord & Taylor merchandise gave you the opportunity to work with Nigel on an impromptu photo shoot like the one this fortunate woman got:

Nigel seemed to enjoy meeting fans at Fashion's Night Out./Photo by Ava Gacser

One Benjamin also got you an autographed copy of Nigel’s new book, “Nigel’s Beauty Equation: Revealing a Better and More Beautiful You.”

Nigel seemed in good spirits over an hour into his gig that night. He chatted with fans, posed for snapshots with them and signed plenty of books. He shook hands or hugged a lot of people, too. What impressed me most about him was that he took a few moments with each person before photographing them. He suggested they pose in different ways and shouted out encouraging words the whole time. In other words, he treated each and every person that night like a supermodel.

So let’s review: $100 worth of Lord & Taylor merchandise = Nigel Baaaah-ker photo shoot/autograph/chitchat/feeling like a million bucks

How awesome is that?

Are you talking about moi?/Photo by Ava Gacser

I would love to see what some of his photos he took that night look like. If you were lucky enough to get one, leave a comment or contact me on Twitter.

Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to meet Nigel, but as the photo above attests I did get pretty close to him. And I imagine meeting and being photographed by him must feel something like how I felt the time I met Fabio…

I've been proudly displaying this framed photo of me and Fabio - taken at a Romantic Times convention in Savannah, Ga. - for a very looooong time.


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