“Jerseylicious”: Season 2, take 1

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It’s nothing but drama, drama, drama in the Garden State.

They're baaaaack.... spray tans and Aquanet and all.

At least that’s what you’d assume after watching the first few episodes of “Jerseylicious” this season. What have hairstylists Tracy, Gigi and Anthony, makeup artists Alexa and Olivia, and Green Brook-based Gatsby Salon owners Gayle and Christy been up to? A whole lot. Check it out.

Episode 4

Bayfront Cafe (Waretown): Gigi’s boyfriend Frankie and Tracy’s boyfriend (and Olivia’s ex-boyfriend) Lorenzo commiserate about their love lives and their difficulties in dealing with the women – Gigi and Tracy, respectively – in their lives.

Resorts Casino & Hotel (Atlantic City): Gigi, Tracy, Olivia and Alexa enjoy a *relaxing* weekend at this hotel, located in the East Coast version of Sin City. Alexa and Tracy immediately get into a cat fight over Alexa taking too long to get ready. “Just because you yell like Animal from the ‘Muppet Babies’ does not mean that people are going to do what you say,” Alexa insists. No offense, Tracy, but I think Alexa insulted Animal. Just sayin’.

You too can meet your very own Joey from Philly.

Casey’s Cabaret (Atlantic City): by checking out a male revue called Savage Men. At first Alexa skeeves at the thought, but she quickly changes her mind when she spies Joey the stripper/personal trainer from Philly. The couple soon shares a romantic stroll on the boardwalk. Nucky Thompson is nowhere to be seen. (Yes, I just referenced “Boardwalk Empire.” Hey, I have very varied tastes.)

Aztec Bar (Seaside Heights): As if we haven’t seen enough of Seaside on reality TV already, the “Jerseylicious” guys head there to get their freak on relax. Frankie flips out when he sees a photo “online” (whatever that means) of Gigi with a male stripper or, as he calls it, “some big juice monkey.” Sweet.

Hemingways (Seaside Heights): Anthony realizes while watching Lorenzo and Gatsby gopher Filippo creep chicks that this really isn’t his scene anymore. He just wants to go home to his wife and son. Cue baby crying.

Capriccio (Atlantic City): Gigi tells Olivia she broke up with Frankie as they share breakfast. The restaurant is located inside Resorts Hotel.

Episode 3

Raylon Beauty Supply (Green Brook): Tracy and Gigi shop for supplies at this store, which is conveniently located right up the road from the Gatsby. They also discuss Gayle’s status as a soon-to-be grandma.

It's always cool to see a place in your hometown on television./Photo by Ava Gacser

Party Fair (Somerset): Gigi, Tracy and Olivia shop for decorations for the surprise baby shower Gigi’s decided to throw for Christy. For a change, Olivia gets in a catty remark about Tracy: “She may want to plan (her own baby shower) soon. She does look like she’s expecting.”

Dr. Marcel Favetta (Somerville): Christy visits with her OB/GYN to see how her pregnancy is progressing. Gigi tags along because she’s in pre-baby mode.

Palm Bar (Morristown): Tracy (still feeling catty) invites “Grandma” Gayle to hang out with her friends. “It’ll be like ‘My Fair Lady,'” she swears. “‘My Fair Old Lady.'” Meow! “Every time Gayle is called ‘grandma,’ she ages five years,” Tracy adds gleefully.

Episode 2

Too bad you can't position the diamond in the middle of the state... Somerset County, baby!

Before I go any further, I’ve just gotta say I love Tracy’s New Jersey necklace! Who knew such a thing even existed? Too bad it’s pricey, because I’d definitely order one.

Laundry Land (South Plainfield?): Olivia and her bestie Briella attempt to wash their clothes here. “I hate laundrymats,” Olivia declares. (Yes, she actually said laundrymats.) “They’re so gross.” Not sure if they make her skeeve like used houses do to “Real Housewife” Teresa Giudice.

Sundance School (North Plainfield): Anthony and his wife Patty consider this preschool for their toddler, Anthony Jr. Anthony has sticker shock when he learns it’ll set him back $14,000 per year. “Forget about a second job,” he says. “I might have to sell an organ.”

Pizza & Pasta Cafe (??): During a break away from the salon, Alexa invites Gigi and Anthony to a dinner party at her house.

Country Squire (Warren): Anthony shares a meal with Gayle and Christy, and they discuss the possibility of him taking the management job at Gatsby.

Episode 1

Gatsby Salon (Green Brook): The salon holds an event in which young, scantily clad women get spray-tanned in the parking lot. Classy. “Obviously these girls like desperately needed a spray tan to do it on the middle of Route 22,” surmises Tracy. Obviously, indeed.

Fire N Ice Hookah Bar (Fords): Tracy and her emotionally challenged boyfriend, Lorenzo, chill out here. “I feel like he’s a little brother who’s taller than me,” she declares.

Artistic Academy (Morris Plains): Aka “the Harvard of beauty schools,” according to Tracy at least. She uttered so many great one-liners in this scene I don’t know where to begin. “I’m not just a stylist, I’m like a professor of hair” is certainly a doozy. Then there’s “The hairdresser changes people’s lives. We’re like the doctors of hair.” I also love Lorenzo’s excuse for acting like a completely non-supportive clod: “I have ADD.”

Gorgeous, no?

James Ward Mansion Building (Westfield): Alexa suggests Christy commemorate her first pregnancy with a photo shoot that Alexa, of course, will coordinate. Unfortunately, Alexa’s brilliant idea involves a sex-trafficking theme. “I can’t believe she was putting sex trafficking in the same sentence as a baby,” sputters an understandably upset Christy.

Used car lot: Olivia shops for a used car with Brielle. The whole time Olivia, who’s now sporting two jobs, complains about how she only has $1,500 to put toward a car. Not sure how she managed to finance a Hummer last season. “I had a beautiful closet on wheels,” she says, bemoaning her Hummer’s fate. “They don’t call us dirty Jersey for nothing,” the salesman quips. Ummm… speak for yourself, buddy.

“Jerseylicious” airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on Style Network.


  1. Barbara J Morgan said,

    May 21, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    PS: Love Frankie and Gina. I predict they will get married ond day and have the best Italian wedding and marriage ever. Can’t wait to see their kids.

  2. Barbara J Morgan said,

    May 21, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    I love Jerseylicous. So does my DH. He is in love with Olivia but he lust for all the girls bubbies.
    Tracy needs to get over a lot of things but most of all treating Olivia so bad and Briella what a two timing friend you turned out to be. Fie on you. You owe Olivia better than you did to her. You girls have been friends since school days. Mind my word. Tracy will flip you off one day.

    Doria, I am glad you wised up. You still need to own it that you were mean to Olivia and jealous. Olivia rules.
    Gail you rock. You just need to hear your daughter out at times. Like when you made Olivia take a week’s vacation. Not nice. Doria was the bad girl that time.

    I love Antony and Flippie.So adorable both of them.

    Alexa go get your buubies reduced. You look so fat with them up to your chin. And you need therapy girlfriend.

  3. October 22, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Love all of you if i forgot to tell you that. just going to get my rocker hair done. Nikki Sixx is my style. I know I will never grow up but it seems to be my thing. love ya. Traci, it will get better Mike isn’t worth the rent you are letting him have for free in your head!

  4. October 22, 2010 at 9:49 am

    I just watched the episode where Traci finds out Olivia went out with “Mike” Traci I know you are so sick of people telling you to “Get over it!” I am 38 years old and yes love you! you are me 20 years ago. I am a Manager at a tanning salon and I to have a “Mike” he broke my heart and let me tell you honey the only way to forget about it is to not. It won’t happen. Take that energy and put it into yourself hun. you are young and sexy and let the world know that no matter what NO GUY IS WORTH IT! with ya sister. love all of you and cant wait for new episodes!

  5. October 15, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    […] Garden State episodes this season – including one at a hair salon. (No, it’s not the Gatsby.) Ryan and Sergey signed copies of Ryan's book, "Paranormal State: My Journey into the […]

  6. Simply T~ said,

    October 4, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Hey, I watch both Jerseylicious and Boardwalk Empire as well. I’m with you! 😉

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