“Vampire Diaries”: Jersey boy Paul Wesley lets his fangs out

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Civil War-era vampire Stefan Salvatore may be calm, cool and collected when it comes to the ladies, but the actor who plays him on “The Vampire Diaries,” Jersey boy Paul Wesley, admits to being anything but.

Can you believe future ladykiller Paul Wesley was once a flop with women?/Photo credit The CW

Take one of his earliest crushes – a 12-year-old classmate in Marlboro (Monmouth County), NJ. In a move designed to be “super romantic” and “super suave,” Paul copped his dad’s credit card and ordered the biggest, most elaborate bouquet available for his lady love. Trouble ensued when the florist included his father’s name on the card.

“They thought my dad was sending a 12-year-old girl a massive teddy bear and some flowers,” he revealed on “George Lopez Tonight” last week. “My father refused to pay, so they took it away from her.”

In what was his very first talk-show interview, Paul also revealed that he and castmate Ian Somerhalder are frequently asked to put their (bite)mark on female fans. And one recent (and admittedly drunken) night in Atlanta, he decided to take a girl up on it.

“I kinda like just drooled on (her arm) a little bit, and like bit it and I think I hurt her,” Paul said. “The girl looked repulsed.”

(Judging by the insanity surrounding the “Vampire Diaries” cast appearance I attended last year in Paramus, I find that a bit hard to believe.)

Because Paul grew up 20 minutes from the Shore (the actual beach, not the TV show), George thought it only fitting to give him a nickname the “Jersey Shore” kids could be proud of. Check it out:

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