“Twilight”: Paging Dr. Cullen, please

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It was so nice of Quaker Bridge Mall to save Peter a spot...

If all doctors possessed the same bedside manner as Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire *dad* Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the “Twilight” films, methinks the world would be in fabulous shape.

Peter Facinelli waves to fans as he returns from a break Saturday at Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrenceville, NJ./Photos by Ava Gacser

During a marathon 5-hour, charity-driven meet-and-greet session at Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrenceville, NJ, on Saturday, Peter by turns displayed charm, kindness, patience and sheer fortitude. And even though he suffered a sore hand from signing so many autographs, Peter took only a short break and made sure he met every last fan.

Fans brought all kinds of "Twilight" merchandise for Peter to sign. I even saw someone with a baseball bat!

And instead of the typical ramblings I usually do when I meet celebrities (“It’s so great to meet you!” “I’m such a big fan!” yada yada yada), I chose to go with something a bit more substantive: like tell him about my 74-year-old mom, whose obsession with all things “Twilight” was at least partially responsible for me standing on line 3 hours to meet him.

My mom – who’s watched “Twilight” and “New Moon” more times than I can count (which is basically every time Showtime airs them), bought all of the books (in hardcover, natch), owns several Edward T-shirts, blankets, bookmarks and, most recently, a pillowcase – was too under the weather to meet Peter because she’s recovering from bladder cancer surgery.

So I spent what precious few seconds I had with Peter telling him not about myself but my mom (I believe I actually referred to her as “elderly,” which I’m sure she appreciates). Not exactly the most uplifting of subjects, I admit. (Especially when I want him looking smoking hot in our photo together.)  But I needed him to know that my mom was a fan, even if she couldn’t be there in person.

And do you know what his response was?

“Give her a hug for me.”


This moment, beautifully captured in this photo, was worth every penny and minute I spent. Note the autograph!

That just confirmed what I’d been suspecting the entire time I stood on line, watching Peter patiently sign autographs, smile (or bare his fangs) for endless photos with fans and pose holding toddlers and babies: He’s a genuinely sweet guy.

I tried to capture Peter from every angle possible...

Lookey, Peter is a Dunkin Donuts fan, too!

It also reminded me of the first interview I saw him do (which, coincidentally, was the reason I started watching Jersey girl Chelsea Handler’s late-night talk show in the first place) a couple years back, before “Twilight” was even released. Check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Peter was just as charming another time he was on “Chelsea Lately,” this time with wife Jennie Garth:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Here’s a video Rider University posted about Saturday’s event (it includes an interview with Peter!):

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