“Enlightened”: Nothing is missing

OK, I know I wrote about “Enlightened” recently, but I just have to talk about last night’s episode of the HBO show.

Pure and simple, I loved it.

I loved that despite Amy’s (Laura Dern) intense loneliness (which is only exacerbated by her *friend* Krista (Sarah Burns) pointing out that she’s alone and questioning why she wouldn’t want love in her life), she flirts with but ultimately rejects the idea of sleeping with having sex with her drug-addicted ex-husband, Levi (Luke Wilson).

Now that’s enlightened.

Although Amy (Laura Dern) is enlightened enough to realize there's no romance in her future with coworker Tyler (Mike White), she isn't enlightened enough to realize he's volunteering to help her with her work because he's interested in her./Photos by HBO

I loved that Amy rejects (though not too sensitively) the romantic overtures of her coworker, Tyler (“Enlightened” creator Mike White), despite wanting love and the affection/attention of a man. She realizes that she’s not willing to settle with someone she doesn’t feel that kind of connection with.

Now that’s enlightened.

I love that Amy – despite her desire to get on her boss Dougie’s (Timm Sharp) good side by hooking him up with a hot coworker – realizes that Dougie is lousy date material and tells the woman as much, risking her supervisor’s wrath and any chance of finally getting her women’s group (hilariously dubbed the Women’s Association of Abaddon, or WAA) up and running.

Now that’s enlightened.

Awareness is the path to enlightenment. By jove, I think Amy is starting to get it!

The final scene of “Lonely Ghosts” is what really got to me, though. (Yes, I confess, I cried my eyes out. And every time I think of it, I tear up.) Amy, after climbing into her bed alone – in her mother’s house – lays in the dark, thinking:

“Life can be like a bad dream sometimes.

We all want comfort.

A little love to get us through the long nights.

Nobody wants to sleep alone.

Everyone’s afraid of the dark.

But I will not be afraid.

The light is always there.

It is all around me.

Nothing is missing.

I am not waiting for the sun.”

Now that’s enlightened.

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