Thanks a million!

It’s Christmas time, and I can’t think of a more perfect gift than this lil’ old blog reaching its 1 millionth hit.

Now, it’s official – that’s exactly what it’s done, a few months shy of its third anniversary. Thank you!

In addition to thanking you, my visitors, there are a few other people I must acknowledge. For without these individuals, my blog would not have reached this milestone for many, many more moons to come.

Once upon a time, this guy was Prince Charming.

1. Jesse James: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Over two years ago, I wrote a post positing whether Jesse was “good in bed,” as Donald Trump stated on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” At the time, I had no idea that the mysterious Jesse – who at the time appeared to be the devoted, supportive husband of Sandra Bullock – would later be revealed as a serial cheater, seemingly incapable of remaining faithful to any woman. And I never, ever would’ve guessed that this single post alone would attract over 61,000 hits. Since then, Jesse has lost his wife (and their adopted son), gotten engaged, gotten unengaged (or broken up and then back together again), and learned an incredible amount of disdain from the general public.

From vow renewal to separation to divorce: The three degrees of Kate Gosselin./Photo credit TLC

2. Kate Gosselin: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Over two years ago, I wrote a post positing whether… wait a second, I feel as if I’m repeating myself. Well, needless to say, Kate does have something in common with Jesse: At one time they were popular, but they both have had their fair share of negative press in the last year. Anyway, back to Kate. My post positing trouble in paradise (aka Kate’s marriage to Jon, the father of her “8”) back in March of 2009 garnered the second highest number of hits on this blog – a whopping 14,000+. Since then, the Gosselins separated, divorced, sparred in the press, their TLC show was canceled, and now Kate is writing for a coupon website.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey": Though the faces may change, the drama keeps on coming./Photo credit Bravo

3. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”: I love my home state. New Jersey is now home to more (reality) shows on television than – well, just about any other state. They may not accurately depict my life – or, for that matter, the lives of anyone I know – but they’re entertaining nonetheless. And way back during the first season of the Bravo series, I wrote this post about all of the faces and places featured on the show. All together, it’s attracted over 12,800 hits. Aside from some cast changes (subtract one sister and a “prostitution whore,” add a sister-in-law and a cousin), the show retains its familial strife theme. Blood is thicker than water, indeed.

"Jerseylicious": Bringing you the finest haircuts this side of the Delaware Canal./Photo credit Style Network

4. “Jerseylicious”: Did I mention how much I love New Jersey? What I love even more than the Garden State is the fact that a little post I wrote about this Style Network reality show filming around my hometown (that’s Franklin Township in Somerset County, thank you very much) has gotten so much attention! (Over 10,000 hits, to be exact!) In the year since visiting Franklin, episodes of “Jerseylicious” are shown 24/7 (or maybe it just seems like it) and it’s even spawned a spin-off, “Glam Fairy.”

Savior or butcher? Hey, I was merely posing a question.../Photo credit Fox

5. Gordon Ramsay and his “Kitchen Nightmares”: I can assure you that when I wrote this post about Fox’s favorite foul-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsay, filming an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” at a (now defunct) restaurant in Whitehouse Station I had no idea it would attract so much attention. Over 10,500 hits later, I’m still getting comments chastising me (some even accusing me of “irresponsible journalism”) for merely pointing out another article from Scotland which questioned whether the chef’s attempts at saving failing restaurants actually help or make the businesses fail faster. What’s this prove? That Gordon Ramsay has fiercely loyal fans. Oh, and that many of them can’t discern my comments from quotes that I clearly attributed to another publication. <le sigh>

While the above subjects comprise a large chunk of the entire 1 million hits my blog has reached, I don’t think they define it. Heck, they’re not even among my favorites. The ones I prefer – which, as of late, include this and this post on the HBO show “Enlightened” – are actually the least viewed. Which is a shame. But, as I’ve learned in the nearly three years I’ve maintained this blog, you never know when hits will strike. And I’m hoping my enthusiasm for “Enlightened” will rub off on you.

Pretty please?

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