Only in Jersey: 2/22/12

Happy Wednesday!  It’s time for another edition of Only in Jersey!

If it’s filming in Jersey, takes place in Jersey, or is about celebs from Jersey, you will find it here.

Whitney Houston: We will always love you JUST LIKE THIS.

Another day, more Whitney Houston drama. In addition to the pop star’s Westfield cemetery plot being indefinitely closed to the public, tabloid rag The National Enquirer has made the tacky, tasteless decision to publish – on its front page, no less – an unauthorized photo of the Newark/East Orange native in her casket. The photo was apparently taken by someone who attended the visitation at Newark’s Whigham Funeral Home last week, and the natural assumption is that that same someone made beau coup bucks by selling it to the Enquirer. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to remember Whitney alive – and obviously her family wants us to, as well, otherwise they would’ve opened the casket during the televised funeral on Saturday.  The sight of her lifeless body (even if the funeral home’s restorative artist did a beautiful job) is the last thing I want to see as I’m checking out at the grocery store.

The Frank Sinatra Memorial Park plaque before the photo disappeared.

Over 13 years after it was first hung on a plaque along the Hoboken waterfront, a photograph of native son Frank Sinatra has been stolen. The city’s police were informed of the missing brass-colored portrait, valued at $500, on February 7, reports The Star-Ledger. The city intends on contacting the plaque’s creator to replace the photo. Former Frank Sinatra museum operator Ed Shirak told the Ledger, “There will always be some nut out there that wants to take something related to Sinatra.”

Meryl Streep: Keeping a stiff upper lip.

The Huffington Post reports Bernardsville native Meryl Streep will star as Julia Roberts’ mother in a long-awaited screen adaptation of the Broadway play “August: Osage County.” The Weinstein Company finally confirmed the news last week, and production is scheduled to begin in the fall. The play is about a family from Oklahoma that reunites after the death of its patriarch. Meryl will play the widow who has a strained relationship with her eldest daughter, played by Julia. Meanwhile, Meryl is a strong contender for a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Tune in to the Academy Awards at 8 p.m. Sunday on ABC to find out if she wins!

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