“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” get real

You want it, you got it: Here’s my quick, in-a-nutshell recounting of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” appearance on Saturday at The Wellmont Theatre in Montclair. (And look out -this time I was sitting in the front row and have some great pix of the ladies!)

Dina Manzo small

You can't really tell here, but Dina Manzo's T-shirt reads "Last year's Versace." Copies of the shirt were also for sale in the theater's lobby. "I can't help myself," Dina said. "I'm a wise a**."/All photos by Ava Gacser

While much of the material covered territory similar to last month’s appearance by Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice (along with “Real Housewives of New York City’s” Alex McCord and Jill Zarin) in Englewood, there were a few new tidbits of information.

First of all, although it was never stated outright, I get the distinct impression all five ladies will be back for the second season (slated to premiere on Bravo sometime in 2010 with – get this – about 18 episodes!!!). I know there’s been some question about Dina Manzo’s participation, but based upon things she said – such as “I’m trying to make (Project) Ladybug be part of the show” and “He’s (Dina’s hubby, Tommy) not in Season 2; he won’t be around” – there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll be back.

Dina proved amusing during the approximately two-hour event, joking that seeing herself on television convinced her she needed major plastic surgery.

“I’m getting a nose job, I’m getting lipo,” she laughed.

She also took responsibility for getting the controversial “prostitution whore” herself, Danielle Staub, on the show.

“Ironically, it was my fault,” she admitted.

According to Dina, Danielle had quite the reputation at Chateau, the Franklin Lakes salon several of the women frequent. And because it was the owner of Chateau, Victor, who was the one Bravo originally approached for help in finding women for the series, salon clients were obviously preferred.

“What about that crazy one?” Dina said is how she recalls referring to Danielle. “Why don’t we take her out to dinner and find out if she’s good crazy or bad crazy?”

Dina also set the record straight about her husband, Tommy, who co-owns The Brownstone with Caroline’s hubby, Albert.

“He wants nothing to do with the show,” she said, adding that initially that bothered her but now she’s glad he isn’t involved. “It’s brought us closer” and makes their time together more special. “It’s just the two of us… it’s just like boyfriend/girlfriend time.”

Caroline Manzo small

I couldn't get a clear shot of Caroline because of that ridiculously placed speaker.

Caroline’s popular son, Albie, was in attendance (as was Dina’s daughter Lexi and Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashley), and she revealed Albie now has a girlfriend named – wait for it – Danielle.

“Can you believe the irony?” Caroline added.

And when the subject of “Regis and Kelly’s” recent Halloween episode featuring the pair dressed up as Caroline and Teresa, respectively, Caroline admitted it was funny but said she couldn’t help wondering, “Why do they always pick a man to imitate me?” (*This isn’t the first time: Earlier this summer, another Jersey girl, talk-show host Chelsea Handler, did a spoof on the “Housewives” and a man played Caroline then, too.)

(In case you missed the “Regis and Kelly” spoof, here it is:)
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Teresa Giudice small

Unlike last time's form-fitting (and gorgeous) glittery dress, Teresa opted for this flowing shift.

Teresa denied that she carries hundreds of thousands of dollars around in her purse.

“I don’t walk around carrying $120k with me,” she said.

She also confirmed that her upcoming cookbook is called “Skinny Italian” and will feature “great quick Italian recipes.”

One of the funniest moments of the evening came when Teresa started trash-talking “Real Housewife of New York City” Bethenny Frankel. After alleging that Bethenny bad mouths her, Teresa called Bethenny a “b*tch,” “slut” and “big ho.”

“You should’ve gotten married first,” she added, obviously referring to newly engaged Bethenny’s recent announcement that she’s pregnant.

Jacqueline Laurita small

It was good to see Jacqueline laugh.

Jacqueline gushed about her newborn son, Nicholas, whom she lovingly refers to as “monkey.”

“I hold him all the time,” she said. “He looks nothing like me. He’s my husband all the way.”

Speaking of which, Jacqueline also hinted that fans will see more of her husband (and Dina and Caroline’s brother), Chris, in 2010.

“Next season you might see him a lot more,” she revealed.

Jacqueline also said that she wished last season had shown her family’s relationships in a more positive light.

“It seemed to highlight all of the negative moments with my daughter (Ashley),” she said.

The evening was once again moderated by comedian Geno Bisconte.

“We all have our a**hole moments, and we all have our endearing moments,” summed up Caroline. “…If we ever forget where we came from, kick our a**.”

Here are a few more photos I took that evening:

ladies standing small

This was the best shot I could get of all of the ladies standing but it gives you an idea of how tiny they all are. Moderator Geno Bisconte is in the center.

Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo small

Teresa and Caroline.

Sisters-in-law Jacqueline and Dina were peppered with plenty of questions during the event.

Sisters-in-law Jacqueline and Dina were peppered with questions.

Dina tweeting small

Dina whipped out her leopard-covered Blackberry for some impromptu Twitpics, but for some reason they didn't wind up on her Twitter page (www.twitter.com/dinamanzo).

All of the ladies are on Twitter and/or Facebook. If you need any of those addresses, feel free to drop me a line. Hopefully everyone saw the In Touch Weekly photo spread of Jacqueline, Teresa and the babies. It was really cute! In case you didn’t, the photo below is from the article.


Proud mothers Teresa and Jacqueline show off their newest additions, Audriana and Nicholas. I love the facial expressions on both babies!/Credit In Touch Weekly

“Jon & Kate Plus 8”: The week (thus far) in review

Can’t keep up with all of the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” news? Neither can I.


I suppose the biggest news of the week (as of this very second, at least) is that Jon spoke exclusively to People. And judging by what the magazine has posted online, he really didn’t have anything interesting to say. (Unlike Kate did just a few weeks ago. Which Gosselin will be next to have their very own People cover?)

But I digress. Forgive me, it’s hard not to when the only thing Jon has to talk about in this interview excerpt is how he doesn’t believe his children are being treated unfairly.

“Exploited?” Jon asks People (incredulously?). “I don’t even want to use that word, because I think it’s ridiculous.”

The mag adds that his children’s happiness is his top priority (is he suggesting that Kate’s isn’t?), even if that means the family must stop doing the show.

Just to spice things up, People features one of those Kate-in-a-bikini photos (taken this week in North Carolina) on the cover, too.

star kate

Meanwhile, Star features an interview with Adam Miller, who once upon a time was engaged to Kate. As you can assume, Adam doesn’t have very nice things to say about Kate. (I’ll eat my hat if I ever see any of these magazines actually quote people who say nice things about her! There’s got to be somebody somewhere, right?)

Anyway, Adam says Kate “pressured” him to marry her, but that he broke things off after she cheated on him at his 21st birthday party.

“She hooked up with some guy in a Corvette,” Adam, a factory worker, tells Star. “She was always chasing the money.”

These shenanigans evidently took place in Kutztown, Pa., in 1995. Adam was just out of high school and Kate was a year older. (Kate apparently has a thing for younger men. Kate, you cougar, you!)

“I spoiled Kate with gifts, like a diamond bracelet and a gold locket, and she loved that,” Adam dishes. “I think one of the main reasons she liked me is that I had so much money flowing.”

Want to know what else Adam said? Go here.


And lastly, not to be outdone is Us Weekly, which is sporting new photos of Jon with his alleged girlfriend/mistress, 23-year-old schoolteacher Deanna Hummel. The photos were reportedly taken during Jon’s skiing/snowboarding trip to Utah in March. (Which was documented in this week’s episode… and occurred during Kate’s birthday. Ahem.)

You can read more about what witnesses to that trip had to say here.

Us also has info on Kate’s time in North Carolina with the kids. Shockingly, the mag says Kate can’t seem to put down her Blackberry (we saw shades of that in this week’s episode, during Kate and Mady’s trip to San Diego) and that she spent a lot of time with her bodyguard, Steve Neild.

“She completely ignored her children the entire time,” Us quotes fellow vacationer Ann Michele Sweeney as saying.

“When Kate sat on the edge of the pool, she told one of  (the twins), ‘If you splash me, you’re dead meat,'” says Sweeney. “She was not joking at all.”

Sorry to say, but that definitely sounds like something Kate would say…

Determined to get the last word (and possibly knowing that other people were listening?), the kid (I bet this was Mady!) said, “Mommy, you are mean!” Sweeney says.

Kate as a senior at Mount Calvary Christian School in Elizabethtown, Pa.

Kate as a senior at Mount Calvary Christian School in Elizabethtown, Pa.

Us also dug up a slew of photos of Kate from high school – she attended Mount Calvary Christian School in Elizabethtown, Pa. – and they are hilarious! See for yourself here.

Do you think Kate is on the school’s famous graduates list?

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