Jennifer Aniston to Chelsea Handler: Can’t you smell that (Garden State) smell?

So how did Chelsea Handler begin her much-touted “Chelsea Lately” interview with Jennifer Aniston? By discussing the unpleasant odors in New Jersey, of course!

Forget about promoting "Love Happens"; where are those smells coming from?/Credit E!

Forget about promoting "Love Happens"; where are those smells coming from?/Credit E!

I can forgive Chelsea, though, because she knows of what she speaks. As a Livingston native, I’m sure she too has had plenty of encounters with the stench that hangs in a perpetual fog over the Elizabeth exits on the New Jersey Turnpike. (Which, to clarify, is because it’s an industrial area full of refineries.)

The Garden State exchange happened almost immediately, when Chelsea asks Jennifer about her time in Atlantic City (she was filming “The Bounty” with hot hottie hot Gerard Butler).

“You know, I’m from New Jersey,” Chelsea points out. “And it’s very disgusting there in the summertime.”

While I presume she’s talking about the humidity, Jennifer interprets it a bit differently.

“What is with the smell?” she immediately replies (evidently thinking she’s found someone else who thinks New Jersey is pretty foul). But when the audience starts laughing, she quickly adds, “No, no, I don’t mean all over. You know the drive from Manhattan, and then there’s that one area…”

Thank goodness for Chelsea’s quick-wittedness.

“It’s my father,” the comedian explains. “It’s usually coming from his driveway.”

(Chelsea’s father is the frequent butt – I know, poor choice of words – of her jokes.)

She goes on to tell Jennifer, “It’s New Jersey in general. There are certain areas that really smell bad. It’s not all of New Jersey, but there are areas that could really use a boost. And Atlantic City is one of them.”

Watch the whole interview:

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I’m sure Jennifer didn’t intentionally mean to insult New Jerseyans, but one resident’s nose is definitely out of joint – and it’s not because of any smell: Danielle Staub.

That’s right – the star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is sharing her displeasure at Jennifer’s words with Us Weekly.

Danielle's house doesn't look like it would be stinky./Credit The New York Times

Danielle's house doesn't look like it would be stinky./Credit The New York Times

“Why don’t you see more of New Jersey before you say it smells?” Danielle asks.

She pontificates: “I would love to hang out with (Jennifer). I hear she is really fabulous — but she really shouldn’t say that. If you land in Newark (Liberty International Airport) and leave out of Newark, yeah, you will think New Jersey smells. But you can’t judge it by one part. If it was so bad, I wouldn’t be living here for 22 years.”

Danielle’s $1.5 million home is located in Wayne, aka “the good-smelling part” of New Jersey. (I don’t know about the rest of you New Jerseyans, but it doesn’t stink by my house, either. And no, my sinuses are not clogged.)

Danielle isn’t demanding an apology from Jennifer, oh no. She’s offering to reward her:

“I will personalize a tour and take her to a fabulous lunch on me afterwards,” she tells Us Weekly. ” All homemade Italian food and a tour of all the wonderfully smelling places in New Jersey before I take you to a luncheon, my treat.”

Well, at least I’m sure Danielle believes it’s a reward…

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