“Lost”: Let’s play Hangman!

For several weeks, I’ve been writing on my Channel Surfing blog about “Lost” in “24” real-time style. Well, not exactly real time. I’m not actually writing this during the show. Are you crazy? I’d never get to enjoy it. Anyway, I decided to do it here this week:

Those were the days... <sigh>

Those were the days...

9:01 – It’s that guy from the plane – Cesar (aka Dog Whisperer)! Why is he rooting around in that grungy office?

9:03 – Hey, there’s Locke! And he’s alive!

9:05 – Roll credits. Yay! WAAAAAAAALLLLTTTTT is back! What is he now, 20?

9:06 – New chick Ilana to Locke: “Nobody remembers you being on the plane.” Locke: “I don’t remember being on it, either. I remember dying.”

9:08 – Oh, no! Not another flashback with that stupid time-turning wheel! I’m sorry, but that is tres corny.

9:09 – Hmmm…Locke’s lying in a desert. Is that Tunisia? It would make sense, considering what Charlotte/aka Red was shown finding in it during that flashback.

9:10 – Locke’s barfing. Yummy!

9:12 – Uh oh. There’s that mean-looking bald dude.

9:13 – Charles Widmore returns! Widmore to Locke: “I met you when I was 17. You look exactly the same.”

9:15 – Woah! So the desert Locke found himself in is significant. “That’s the exit,” Widmore tells him.

9:17 – Widmore to Locke: “I was the leader. I protected the island for three decades. I was exiled.”

9:18 -Widmore tells Locke he must get the Oceanic 6 to go back to the island: “There’s a war coming, John, and if you’re not back on the island the wrong side will win.”

9:20 – Widmore also says he’s “deeply invested in the future of the island.” Financially or otherwise?

9:24 – I gather there’s no love lost between Widmore and Ben. Trouble is, who do you believe? Widmore: “I need Linus removed so it can be your time.”

9:26 – OK, so the mean bald dude’s name is Matthew. His new job is to push Locke around in a wheelchair and take him to visit each of the Oceanic 6.

9:30 – Why is Sayid hell bent on not going back if his life sucks anyway? Sayid to Locke: “Why do you really need to go back? Is it because you don’t have anywhere else to go?” Meanie!

9:33 – WAAAAAAAALLLLLT! I was right, he’s 20! Well, at least 15. Matthew: “The boy’s gotten big.” That’s an understatement!

9:34 – Walt tells Locke about a recent dream (more like a vision of the future, I’d say): “You were on the island wearing a suit, and the people around you were trying to hurt you.”

9:35 – Can’t anyone go anywhere without Ben following them?

9:36 – Ha ha! Hurley thinks Locke’s a ghost!

9:38 – Woah, Matthew says he’s the one who told Locke to go on the walkabout in the first place. “I help people get to where they need to go.”

9:43 – After a quick visit with Kate, Locke tracks down Peg Bundy… in a cemetery. Too bad, so sad.

9:45 – ACK! Matthew’s shot dead in the cemetery! Locke drives off and gets into a lovely car accident. Oh, Locke!

9:47 – He wakes up in Jack’s hospital. What a coincidence!

9:48 – Locke to Jack: “Your father says hello.” Jack yells at him in typical annoying Jack fashion.

9:51 – Poor Locke.  He writes out that suicide note and prepares to hang himself in a dingy motel room. But wait! There’s a knock at the door!

9:52 – Boo. It’s only Ben. Though he admits to offing Matthew, Ben says it’s Widmore who’s the evil-doer: “Charles Widmore is the reason I moved the island.”

9:53 – Poor Locke’s beside himself crying. He’s all alone, nobody believes him. He tells Ben Jin is alive and that he’s got his wedding ring to pass on to Sun. It’s obvious from Ben’s reaction that he didn’t know Jin was alive.

9:54 – OK, how is this going to end? If Ben doesn’t want Locke to die, maybe he can give him some kind of Romeo & Juliet potion to mimic death?

9:55 – Holy crap!!! Ben’s strangling the life out of Locke! Dang! I guess any ambiguity about Ben’s intentions are O-V-E-R.

9:56 – Ben must have a lot of experience staging suicide scenes. Either that, or he watches a lot of “CSI:”

9:58 – I love that shot of Locke’s dangling shadow on the wall. Very cool. Ben sure is cool as a cucumber. He slips Jin’s wedding band into his pocket. That will come in handy later, as we already know.

10:04 – We’re back on the island, post second-crash. Ilana and Dog Whisperer take Locke to a Dharma station where injured plane passengers are laid out on the floor. One of them is Ben. Too bad, so sad. Ilana asks Locke if he knows him.

10:05 – “He’s the man who killed me.”

10:06 – Cue awesome preview for next week:

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