Could Kate Jackson be a hoarder?

OK, so I’m completely obsessed with A&E’s new series “Hoarders.”

Is it possible that even celebrities can be hoarders?

Is it possible that even celebrities can be hoarders?

And after reading a summer issue of Star at the vet’s yesterday, I’m beginning to wonder if we will eventually see “Charlie’s Angels” star Kate Jackson on the show.

The magazine reports that a year after moving into the $2 million Santa Monica abode, Kate’s home has “deteriorated into a living hellhole filled with rat droppings, moldy food and heaps of debris.”

Ring a bell?

Star attributes its info to David Angelotti, a professional cleaner who claims Kate’s personal assistant hired him and others to help clean up the house – a feat which reportedly took two days. (All things considered, that’s a very quick turn-around, as “Hoarders” viewers can attest.)

“There is so much junk that we had to remove a bunch of stuff just to walk through it,” David tells Star. “It stank in there because there was so much garbage everywhere.”

David isn’t the only one talking. One of Kate’s anonymous neighbors has this to say: “Kate is very sweet, but there’s something a bit bizarre about her. She has so much clutter in her backyard, and the house is in shambles.”

David says that the home is in such bad shape (the Star article accompanied photos but they’re not included on the site) that 60-year-old Kate – who shares the home with her teenage son – asked if he and his crew would return again to help out.

“No one wanted to work there again,” he tells Star. “It was so depressing. She’s like a crazy recluse — it’s a real sad Hollywood story.”

“Hoarders” describes compulsive hoarding as “a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things, even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary.” The show states that there are over 3 million hoarders.

As far as I can tell, this news about Kate hasn’t been reported elsewhere, so it may or may not be true. But given the secrecy and embarrassment hoarders tend to have about their living situations, who knows for certain?

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