“Daisy of Love”: It’s been a wild ride

“Daisy of Love” has been a completely wonderful surprise for me. It’s entertaining and hilarious, and I’m honestly going to miss it after the finale airs this Sunday, July 26 (my birthday!!).

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One of my favorite Daisy De La Hoya quotes:

“London is a homeless sex addict who my psychic thinks is perfect for me. Go figure.”

I frankly found Daisy annoying when she was trying to woo Bret Michaels in “Rock of Love.” So I really didn’t even plan on watching “Daisy of Love,” because I figured she would be even more annoying. But the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, she’s young and acts dopey, but she’s clearly not a bad person (and I think the dopiness is for the most part an act).

But the real break-out stars here are the men. I totally believe the “Daisy of Love” casting director deserves an Emmy for finding these guys. I can’t imagine they will ever be able to top this season (should Daisy decide – like her mentor, Bret – to do multiple seasons).

Seriously, what other show can you hear the words “banana hammock” uttered repeatedly?

As for who Daisy should pick, I go with London. Not because he’s the most deserving of the bunch (he’s definitely not), but because he’s exactly what she’s attracted to: young, foolish, immature and a bad boy. 12 Pack/Dave is the nicest and most mature of the bunch (and that’s really saying something), but I think he’s too mature and nice for Daisy. I don’t think she would fully appreciate him at this point in her life. Flex is a hot hothead, but I don’t think he’s right for her, either.

Actually, I don’t see her going far with any of them. Paging season 2!

In the meantime, I hope VH1 is planning a “Daisy of Love” marathon leading up to the finale.

“Daisy of Love”: Most entertaining show E-V-E-R?

I gotta hand it to VH1. No matter how blah I feel, “Daisy of Love” manages to lift my spirits. Just look at Riki’s double take:Vodpod videos no longer available.

You just knew she was going to pick Cha Cha (oops, I mean Chi Chi) over Big Rig. I think Big Rig – aka Jeremiah (what a hot Southern name!) – simply came on too strong and freaked Daisy out the other week by giving her his son’s photo. A more mature woman would probably have appreciated the gesture, but Daisy’s young, dumb and used to having guys treat her like trash, so it made her uncomfortable.

Too bad. I’m going to miss Big Rig’s cute Southern boy charm (though admittedly he could use some anger management classes). I’m still rooting for Flex, although at this point I’m thinking she won’t fully appreciate him, either. Sinister is too sensitive and mature for her, and I’m not sure about 12 Pack. (I refuse to call him “Dave”). He seems to have moments where he’s quite mature, but most of the time he just acts like an idiot. Is it an act for the show or is it legit?

Who cares? I’m loving every single minute of it. And I’m seriously starting to think that “Daisy of Love” is more entertaining than – gasp! – “Rock of Love.”  Take that, Bret Michaels!

“Daisy of Love”: Time to Flex some muscle

Oh, VH1, you must stop toying with me! It’s been two weeks since a new episode of “Daisy of Love.” We’re long overdue, don’t you think? Thank goodness the network posted a peek at this Sunday’s episode:

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I’ve mentioned I’ve got a thing for Flex before, right? You can see more pix of him right here.

By the way, every time I catch a rerun of that skunk episode, I stop and watch it again. Too funny!

“True Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgard takes a bite out of “Paparazzi”

This is probably the oddest pairing I’ve seen in a while: “True Blood’s” hotter-than-hot Alexander Skarsgard (that’s Eric the vamp) starring in Lady Gaga’s latest video, “Paparazzi.”

Oh, and did you see who else was in the vid? The triplets – ’84, ’85 and ’86 – from “Daisy of Love.” Good grief.

“Daisy of Love”: Lovin’ every minute of it

So I’m really digging VH1’s “Daisy of Love.”

I forgot all about those ridiculous Scandinavian triplets.../VH1

I forgot all about those ridiculous Scandinavian triplets.../VH1

I still sort of cringe when I admit that, but hey, it’s true. I thought the show would be a complete train wreck, mainly because a) Daisy drove me crazy during “Rock of Love 2” and I was totally rooting for Ambre to win Bret’s heart and b) I figured these guys would be complete lunkheads.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

Sure, there are a few duds in the bunch (paging the Scandinavian Triplets and Tool Box!), but the bottom line is these guys are fun to watch, it’s an interesting mix of personalities and they are, for the most part, an extremely attractive bunch of men. (I’m talking to you – 12 Pack, 6 Gauge, Big Rig and most especially Flex!)

Thankfully, the show has a good sense of humor and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Case in point: the skunk incident. Take a look:
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I could not stop laughing when I saw 12 Pack pouring tomato sauce on himself and Big Rig and Flex throwing up. Never mind the chances of an actual skunk infiltrating the “Daisy of Love” house are practically nil (I rarely ever see a skunk here in the wilds of New Jersey)… whoever thought up the idea was genius, and I thank them for it.

I can’t forget to mention Fox, a *hair stylist* who thinks himself quite the catch. Sure, I’ll admit Fox is good looking, in a total pretty-boy way. And I do enjoy it when he’s on screen, but that’s because I love hearing the hilarious “Fox” music that seems to accompany him everywhere. Here’s a perfect example (and make sure you check out how totally hot Flex looks in this scene):
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Who will ultimately win Daisy’s heart? Who cares! I’m having too much fun watch these guys make total idiots of themselves. What a refreshing change!

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