Only in Jersey: 3/3/12

Thank goodness it’s Saturday! Time for another edition of Only in Jersey!

If it’s filming in Jersey, takes place in Jersey, or is about celebs from Jersey, you will find it here.

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“Real Housewives of New Jersey” husband Joe Giudice is making news once again – and this time it has nothing to do with him using his brother’s ID to get himself a driver’s license. New York’s WABC-TV reported last night that Montville’s own “Juicy Joe,” husband of Teresa Giudice, is in hot water for sticking it to tenants who live above his business, Giuseppe’s Homestyle Pizzeria, on Maple Avenue in Hillside. Five families were locked out of their apartments on Wednesday due to fire safety concerns. The power was shut off because of meter tampering, the network said, as well as the landlord’s unpaid PSE&G bill. Hillside Mayor Joseph Menza said the electric company refused to turn the power back on until Joe made good on his $53,000 debt. Joe told reporter Nina Pineda, “… there’s nothing I can do. I don’t own the building,” but it turns out he does, in fact, own it. Then he told Nina he’d tried helping his tenants by installing a generator, which the fire department subsequently shut off because it filled the apartments with deadly carbon monoxide. PSE&G eventually capitulated and turned power back on due to persistent pressure from the township’s mayor and the network. During a final inspection of the apartments, it was also discovered the fire alarms weren’t working, which was apparently because Joe never paid the alarm company. Nina Pineda says that the township plans on citing Joe for putting his tenants’ lives in danger. It sounds like Joe needs a lesson in respecting and valuing the lives of others. Perhaps a viewing of “The Super,” starring another New Jersey native son, Joe Pesci, is in order?

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Only in Jersey: 2/2/12

Welcome to the third edition of Only in Jersey!

If it’s filming in Jersey, takes place in Jersey, or is about celebs from Jersey, you will find it here.

Tom Colicchio: Now THAT'S a knife!/Photo credit Parade Magazine

Paula Deen may be in the news these days for simultaneously revealing she has Type 2 diabetes and announcing her partnership with a diabetes drug company, but it’s the decadent chef’s business relationship with Smithfield Foods that has “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio shaking his head. On the Bravo talk show “Watch What Happens Live” Wednesday night, the Elizabeth-born Colicchio said he has a bigger problem with Deen’s association with a company that has questionable hog-farming practices. “I think the bigger issue is Smithfield and their practices, the mass production of pigs,” Colicchio told host Andy Cohen. “There was an expose done on Smithfield in Rolling Stone a couple years back – just go read it. I think that’s worse off than hawking the (diabetes) drug thing. That’s my opinion.” Well, thanks for the suggestion, Tom, don’t mind if I do. But alas, the Rolling Stone article(s) in question have curiously been removed from its site. However, I was able to find locate this reference to said expose (I pray you have a strong constitution because this link includes some gut-churning photos). Smithfield, for its part, tweeted me this response in regard to Tom’s statement: “The Rolling Stone article you referenced contains misinformation” and “While we certainly made some mistakes 15 yrs ago, we’ve changed dramatically since then.”

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Jennifer Aniston to Chelsea Handler: Can’t you smell that (Garden State) smell?

So how did Chelsea Handler begin her much-touted “Chelsea Lately” interview with Jennifer Aniston? By discussing the unpleasant odors in New Jersey, of course!

Forget about promoting "Love Happens"; where are those smells coming from?/Credit E!

Forget about promoting "Love Happens"; where are those smells coming from?/Credit E!

I can forgive Chelsea, though, because she knows of what she speaks. As a Livingston native, I’m sure she too has had plenty of encounters with the stench that hangs in a perpetual fog over the Elizabeth exits on the New Jersey Turnpike. (Which, to clarify, is because it’s an industrial area full of refineries.)

The Garden State exchange happened almost immediately, when Chelsea asks Jennifer about her time in Atlantic City (she was filming “The Bounty” with hot hottie hot Gerard Butler).

“You know, I’m from New Jersey,” Chelsea points out. “And it’s very disgusting there in the summertime.”

While I presume she’s talking about the humidity, Jennifer interprets it a bit differently.

“What is with the smell?” she immediately replies (evidently thinking she’s found someone else who thinks New Jersey is pretty foul). But when the audience starts laughing, she quickly adds, “No, no, I don’t mean all over. You know the drive from Manhattan, and then there’s that one area…”

Thank goodness for Chelsea’s quick-wittedness.

“It’s my father,” the comedian explains. “It’s usually coming from his driveway.”

(Chelsea’s father is the frequent butt – I know, poor choice of words – of her jokes.)

She goes on to tell Jennifer, “It’s New Jersey in general. There are certain areas that really smell bad. It’s not all of New Jersey, but there are areas that could really use a boost. And Atlantic City is one of them.”

Watch the whole interview:

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I’m sure Jennifer didn’t intentionally mean to insult New Jerseyans, but one resident’s nose is definitely out of joint – and it’s not because of any smell: Danielle Staub.

That’s right – the star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is sharing her displeasure at Jennifer’s words with Us Weekly.

Danielle's house doesn't look like it would be stinky./Credit The New York Times

Danielle's house doesn't look like it would be stinky./Credit The New York Times

“Why don’t you see more of New Jersey before you say it smells?” Danielle asks.

She pontificates: “I would love to hang out with (Jennifer). I hear she is really fabulous — but she really shouldn’t say that. If you land in Newark (Liberty International Airport) and leave out of Newark, yeah, you will think New Jersey smells. But you can’t judge it by one part. If it was so bad, I wouldn’t be living here for 22 years.”

Danielle’s $1.5 million home is located in Wayne, aka “the good-smelling part” of New Jersey. (I don’t know about the rest of you New Jerseyans, but it doesn’t stink by my house, either. And no, my sinuses are not clogged.)

Danielle isn’t demanding an apology from Jennifer, oh no. She’s offering to reward her:

“I will personalize a tour and take her to a fabulous lunch on me afterwards,” she tells Us Weekly. ” All homemade Italian food and a tour of all the wonderfully smelling places in New Jersey before I take you to a luncheon, my treat.”

Well, at least I’m sure Danielle believes it’s a reward…

“Ghost Hunters” tackles New Jersey courthouse

New Jersey is the focus of a new episode of “Ghost Hunters” tonight.

What's next for the "Ghost Hunters"? The Union County Courthouse!/Credit SyFy

What's next for the "Ghost Hunters"? The Union County Courthouse!/Credit SyFy

This time the pair of Roto-Rooter plumbers and their compatriots are tackling the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth. I understand that the paranormal investigation of the building came at the suggestion of Linden native/team member Dave Tango’s dad, Bruce, who is a former Elizabeth police officer.

The team reportedly investigated accounts of elevators opening and closing on their own, flickering lights and the ghost of a woman dressed in white Colonial garb. Evidently hangings were conducted behind the building in the 1800s.

Oooh, that reminds me of that oh-so-creepy scene from “The Sixth Sense,” when Cole sees those people hanging from the rafters in his school.

Meanwhile, here’s the “Ghost Hunters” preview – and don’t forget to tune in to SyFy at 9 tonight!


OK, so there’s definitely something inexplicable going on at the Union County Courthouse.

The “Ghost Hunters” team’s video camera detected an apparition walking behind lead investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson while the pair were attempting to communicate with spirits in the records room. The footage clearly shows a figure walk behind them and turn into a solid row of records and disappear. Check it out:

The team wonders if the apparition might be Hannah Caldwell, who was the first woman killed in the American Revolution. Her husband, Rev. James Caldwell, was a revolutionary known as the Fighting Parson. The pair are buried in a cemetery adjacent to the courthouse.

“We’ve been doing this for about 20 years, and we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff,” said Grant. “And this one is really starting to climb the ranks.”

Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich seemed impressed by the find, too.

“I saw things that made me not a believer, but not a disbeliever,” he said.

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