“Ghost Hunters” tackles New Jersey courthouse

New Jersey is the focus of a new episode of “Ghost Hunters” tonight.

What's next for the "Ghost Hunters"? The Union County Courthouse!/Credit SyFy

What's next for the "Ghost Hunters"? The Union County Courthouse!/Credit SyFy

This time the pair of Roto-Rooter plumbers and their compatriots are tackling the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth. I understand that the paranormal investigation of the building came at the suggestion of Linden native/team member Dave Tango’s dad, Bruce, who is a former Elizabeth police officer.

The team reportedly investigated accounts of elevators opening and closing on their own, flickering lights and the ghost of a woman dressed in white Colonial garb. Evidently hangings were conducted behind the building in the 1800s.

Oooh, that reminds me of that oh-so-creepy scene from “The Sixth Sense,” when Cole sees those people hanging from the rafters in his school.

Meanwhile, here’s the “Ghost Hunters” preview – and don’t forget to tune in to SyFy at 9 tonight!


OK, so there’s definitely something inexplicable going on at the Union County Courthouse.

The “Ghost Hunters” team’s video camera detected an apparition walking behind lead investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson while the pair were attempting to communicate with spirits in the records room. The footage clearly shows a figure walk behind them and turn into a solid row of records and disappear. Check it out:

The team wonders if the apparition might be Hannah Caldwell, who was the first woman killed in the American Revolution. Her husband, Rev. James Caldwell, was a revolutionary known as the Fighting Parson. The pair are buried in a cemetery adjacent to the courthouse.

“We’ve been doing this for about 20 years, and we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff,” said Grant. “And this one is really starting to climb the ranks.”

Union County Sheriff Ralph Froehlich seemed impressed by the find, too.

“I saw things that made me not a believer, but not a disbeliever,” he said.

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