Where in the world is “Jerseylicious” now?

Forget about Carmen Sandiego. Aren’t New Jerseyans at least a little curious about where the cast of  “Jerseylicious” is every week?

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The Style Network reality show about the faces behind Green Brook’s Gatsby Salon was filmed all over the Garden State last year. Where have they been in recent episodes? Let’s take a look:

Episode 4

New Jersey Life Health & Beauty: The bimonthly magazine sends a secret shopper to the Gatsby to determine whether it will be a finalist in its search for the best salon in the state. Hairstylist Tracy is positively ga-ga at the thought of being on the cover of a magazine: “This magazine won’t just like be a big thing for the salon, it’ll be like a huge deal for me cause I could be on the cover. Like the Gatsby would be there, too – they’d be like behind me somewhere, but like I would be on the cover. Just me.”

Anthony Robert Salon (Verona): The only male hairstylist featured on “Jerseylicious,” Anthony Lombardi is working at Gatsby while his own salon is being remodeled. A crisis at his salon has Anthony bolting from Gatsby in the middle of an appointment – which just happens to be with the secret shopper from New Jersey Life Health & Beauty magazine.

Muscle Mill (Milltown): Tracy’s boyfriend Lorenzo (who also happens to be makeup artist Olivia’s ex-boyfriend) pumps iron while Tracy receives RSVPs for her “Safari” themed birthday party and gloats about not inviting Olivia. “You love preying on the weak,” Lorenzo tells her. “That’s why it’s a safari party.”

Olivia and Briella describe their AVE Somerset apartment's party decorations as "jungle-licious."/Photo by Ava Gacser

AVE Somerset (Somerset): Olivia and her best friend Briella’s apartment is the site of their “jungle” themed spite party to annoy Tracy. “I can’t wait to hand out my invitations tomorrow at work cause you better believe that I’m giving Tracy an invitation,” Olivia gloats. When hairstylists Gigi and Anthony point out to her that Tracy’s birthday party is the same day and safari-themed, Olivia feigns ignorance: “I had no idea. I wasn’t invited to her party.”


If anyone can identify the deli Olivia and Briella ate huge subs at while plotting their jungle party or the exact Party City store where they shopped for decorations in this episode, please let me know!

Episode 3

46 Lounge (Totowa): This nightclub is the site of more than one showdown between rivals Olivia and Tracy. In this episode, the pair start yelling at one another and Tracy, via a voiceover, utters this gem: “This is my club, and you’re not welcome here. They took out the trash last night, so what the hell are you coming back here for?”

Olivia’s response, also via voiceover, is equally amusing: “Honestly, I don’t know who got whacked and made Tracy boss.”

My Bed To Go (Green Brook): A mattress store adjacent to The Gatsby Salon in Arthur’s Plaza. Salon owners Gayle and Christy hold auditions there for a television commercial they are creating to advertise the business. Tracy is less than impressed: “Our auditions are in a mattress store. I mean, really? In a mattress store?”

John Franco Photography (Union): A wedding photographer who is recommended to Gayle to film the salon’s commercial. He’s very touchy/feely with all of the women during the auditions. “I’m the director, I can touch anybody,” he says. Glam Fairy Alexa is less than impressed with his skills: “I don’t have people tell me what to do. Certainly not a director with a camera that I could go buy at CVS.” During the filming, Johnny takes Tracy up on her suggestions to include more shots of her in the commercial because she is mad Olivia is getting more screen time.

Swain’s Hardware (Cape May): Gigi thinks her boyfriend is taking her on a romantic weekend in Cape May (near Atlantic City), but Frankie has other ideas. As soon as they get into town, he heads to this spot to check out a motorcycle that he’s apparently contemplating buying. Still, he’s not to impressed with the quaint little town, which is full of Victorian B&Bs: “People come here to die,” he tells Gigi.

Liberty House Restaurant hosted Alexa's "trash the dress" event./Photo by TravelMuse.com

Liberty House Restaurant (Jersey City): Alexa holds a “trash the dress” event here and runs Olivia ragged. The idea, which Alexa calls the “next trend in bridal photography,” features brides basically messing up their wedding gowns for a creative, artistic photo shoot. This particular one involves the bride – and two obliging little girls – smearing melted chocolate, strawberries and assorted other food all over her dress in an artsy way. Olivia thinks it’s brilliant.

If anyone knows the name of the B&B Gigi and Frankie spent the night or the location of Mario’s Pizza and Italian Eatery they visited in this episode, please let me know!

Which places were featured in other “Jerseylicious” episodes? Find out right here and here. (Several places in my hometown are included!)

Who knew “Pa” was a Jersey boy?

There are a lot of names you can call Michael Landon –  Little Joe, the “Teenage Werewolf” and “Pa” top that list – but I had no idea “Jersey boy” was one of them.

That’s right: My childhood “Little House on the Prairie” idol, Michael Landon (aka “Oogie” Orowitz), grew up in Collingswood, N.J.

I learned that surprising fact recently while watching a “Biography” episode about Michael.

“Oogie” (short for Eugene) as he then was called, wasn’t the greatest student. According to “Biography,” he ranked 199th out of 201 students at Collingswood High School. Not too good, eh? But his athletic skills – he was especially adept at javelin-throwing – landed him a scholarship to the University of Southern California. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear Michael didn’t have fond memories of his time in the Garden State. His parents apparently hated one another, and he and his sister were stuck in the middle.

Still, Michael’s former high school classmates had good things to say about him.

“He had so much charm and such a lovable way about him,” remarked Ed Kurkian, who, along with Michael, is listed in the high school’s athletic hall of fame.

But the Jersey connections don’t end there, oh, no. Michael’s oldest daughter, Cheryl Landon, asserts in her book “I Promised My Dad” that her father at one point was addicted to Miltown, a tranquilizer sold by Wallace Laboratories – which named the drug after Milltown, N.J.

And when Michael began his brief battle with pancreatic cancer in 1991, he turned to oncologist Charles Simone of Lawrenceville, N.J. (who had previously treated Ronald Reagan’s colon cancer). His struggle is documented in this 1991 People article.

“Pa,” as I like to call him, had a unique way of making viewers – me included – feel like part of his TV family.  I think it’s especially fitting that I discover, decades later, that I also share my home state with him.

Do you want to be the next big fashion designer?

Do you have a gift for designing tween clothes? Do you dream about your designs one day being worn by President Obama’s daughters?

Then Sally Miller is looking for you! The Milltown, N.J.-based designer is holding a contest to find the hottest designs for preteen girls. The first-place winner may have their look featured in a future Sally Miller collection. Second- and third-place winners will receive gift certificates for Sally’s boutique in Milltown. Entries are due ASAP and must be submitted before Saturday, Nov. 7’s event to either the shop or emailed to info@sallymiller.biz.

Sally, by the way, designed a dress that was worn recently at Fiesta Latina by Sasha Obama. You can see Sasha wearing Sally’s creation in the above video.

If you like Sasha’s dress, check out other designs from Sally by visiting her website and Facebook page. She’s also on Twitter. You can also learn all about Sally by reading this article The Star-Ledger published on Sunday.


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