Michael Jackson: I believe that children are our future

Michael Jackson may not have penned Whitney Houston’s song, “Greatest Love of All,” but it’s becoming more and more clear that those were his exact sentiments – especially when it came to his own offspring, Prince, Paris and Blanket.

And Omer, too?

Wait a sec, I’m confused.

Is it possible that Michael was trying to create his own Jackson Five?

Is it possible that Michael was trying to create his own Jackson Five?

But perhaps I’m not as confused as Michael Jackson’s family. Either they are incredibly ill informed or they don’t talk to one another. (I suppose a bit of both is most likely.)

How else is there to explain why Michael’s brother Tito tells “The Insider” that he doesn’t known anything about his famous sibling fathering a “love child” from Norway named Omer Bhatti as his father tells another outlet that Omer is most certainly Michael’s son?

“I am not familiar with (those assertions) at this time, but I am going to be checking on that when I get home,” Tito told “The Insider” yesterday during an interview from Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Joe Jackson plainly states that Omer is, in fact, Michael’s child.

“Yes, I knew he had another son,” he says in the interview with NewsOne below. “Yes, I did. He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson…”

On that note, I am relieved to hear People’s report that Michael’s mother Katherine is getting custody of his three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. While I seriously doubt that she, at 79, will be their prime caretaker, I get the sense that she will not let their grandfather (that would be Joe) anywhere near them – at least without supervision. You can read more about Katherine gaining custody of the children right here.

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