Maybe there’s hope for Jesse James after all

In case you haven’t heard, Jesse James has gone to rehab.

People reports that rehab was “100 percent his idea,” according to his rep, and not because jilted wife Sandra Bullock gave him any ultimatum.

“Jesse checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with personal issues,” his rep told People in a statement. “He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage.”

The facility he checked into is in Arizona, says TMZ, and it also – ironically – was the same center Sandra visited while doing research for her role as a drunk in “28 Days.”

Yes, unlike some other male celebrities I could mention <cough> Tiger Woods <cough> David Letterman <cough> Jesse has decided to be proactive, take the bull by the horns and face his demons head-on.

I have to wonder if any of Sierra Tucson’s group therapy sessions look like the one depicted in this recent “South Park” scene (WARNING: THIS CLIP INCLUDES EXPLICIT LANGUAGE THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME VIEWERS – AND IT IS DEFINITELY NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK!):

Good for Jesse, I say. Checking himself into rehab is something  the *old* Jesse I remember from his “Celebrity Apprentice” days might do. Speaking of which, those of us who watched him on that show are well aware that he’s a recovering alcoholic who stopped drinking about 10 years ago. Let’s take a look back at how he forced teammate Dennis Rodman to confront his own drinking problem:

If Jesse been successful at keeping alcohol at bay for a decade, I’m hopeful he can beat this addiction, too. But in the end, it all comes down to how much he wants to beat it. And, I’m sorry to say, he can’t do it to get Sandra back. He’s got to do it for himself.

I wish him luck.

Police arrest, charge “Real Housewives of New Jersey” hubby with DWI

The cameras may be rolling for a second season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but it’s a “Real” husband who’s getting a lot of unwanted attention.

Teresa Giudice's hubby, Joe, was charged with DWI early this morning in New Jersey./Credit Bravo

Teresa Giudice’s “happy wife, happy life” hubby was arrested last night and charged with driving while intoxicated following a car accident near his Towaco home.

According to The Daily Record, Giuseppe (Joe) Giudice hit a pole with a 2006 Ford at 1:47 a.m. on Jacksonville Road. When Montville police responded, the paper reports, they discovered Joe, 39, had been drinking.

Joe was transported to Morristown Memorial Hospital with minor injuries and was later released. After providing a blood sample, the Record says, the father of four was charged with DWI. He also received summonses for assorted other infractions, including failure to maintain lane, careless driving and reckless driving.

While in custody, Montville police learned that Joe had outstanding warrants out of another town, Clifton, for violating city ordinances.  As a result, he was transferred to Clifton and held on $2,625 bail before being released, TMZ reports, at 6:20 a.m.

Although neither news report includes info as to the whereabouts of Teresa, her “Real Housewives” co-stars, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita, earlier last night tweeted that she was with them, first having drinks at The Standard hotel, followed by dinner at I Trulli, both in New York City. Although Caroline’s tweets do not mention Joe, Jacqueline includes two Joes in her second-to-last tweet of the night:

“At Vig27, with Chris, Joe, Teresa, Joe,Vic, Tamra, & Marcos. Gay bars are the best.”

Could Joe Giudice have been with the group – which evidently also included “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Barney – prior to his accident and subsequent arrest?


Megan from Bites of the Apple shares her NYC encounter with the “Real Housewives,” just hours before Joe’s crash, right here.

Update Update

The Star-Ledger reports that Joe didn’t just crash his vehicle – a Ford pickup – he flipped it. And when he spoke with a police officer about the accident, he said he had wanted to get rid of the truck anyway, the paper says.

Kate Gosselin: MILF in space?

Kate may be crying to the “Today” show about Jon pilfering their money, but it’s obvious that her (really good) sense of humor is still intact.

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In this hilarious “MILF meltdown” spoof on “The Jay Leno Show,” Kate turns the tables on the paparazzi – specifically the ones who like to skulk around store parking lots, documenting her every mundane move.

“Stop taking pictures,” a fed-up Kate tells them as they surround her car. When they don’t, she gets tough. “What did Mommy just say?”

And guess what? They do what she says!

“She’s got weird mom powers!” cries one man, who’s obviously powerless to stop her.

“She thinks I’m her kid!” whines another. “She thinks everybody is her kid!”

The funniest line of the spoof, though, had to be this gem: “Her hair looks like she fights crime in space!”

Finally, an explanation!

“The Real Housewives of Orange County”: The haves and the have-nots

News flash: “The Real Housewives of Orange County’s” Gretchen Rossi is a millionaire and Lynne Curtin is homeless…almost.

How prophetic is this picture? Will Gretchen once again comfort Lynne?/Credit Bravo

How prophetic is this picture? Will Gretchen once again comfort Lynne?/Credit Bravo

TMZ is all atwitter over its report that Gretchen, who has been spotted numerous times with ex-“Real Housewives” star Slade Smiley, has inherited $2.5 million from her deceased fiance, Jeff Beitzel.

According to the tabloid site, Gretchen’s reward (after all, she did stand by his side during his cancer treatments and did seem to legitimately care for him) includes money from Jeff’s life-insurance policy. In addition, TMZ contends that Jeff’s ex-wives – of which there are five – aren’t pleased she’s now rolling in the dough.

If Gretchen is as thoughtful and considerate as she seems to be, maybe she’ll be willing to throw a bone to fellow housewife Lynne, who TMZ reports is getting kicked out of the rented home she shares with her husband and daughters.

TMZ cites sources who claim that Lynne and her husband never paid over $12,000 to their landlord, who claims they owe him rent and other expenses. The Curtins reportedly have until tomorrow (that’s Aug. 27) to pack up and vamoose.

Megan wants a… murderer?

“Rock of Love” reject Megan Hauserman may be looking for love on her VH1 reality show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” (which I shudder to admit I watch), but what she may have actually found instead is an honest-to-goodness murderer.

Lily may be adorable, but apparently the pooch can't sniff out smooth criminals like Ryan Alexander Jenkins, below./Credit VH1

Lily may be adorable, but apparently the pooch has a harder time sniffing out possible smooth criminals like Ryan Alexander Jenkins, below./Credit VH1

millionaire ryan

No joke. As of Sunday’s episode, one of the top contenders for Megan’s cold-hard-cash heart is Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a 31-year-old “Smooth Operator” (smooth criminal might be more accurate) with a reported $2.5 million in the bank. What Megan apparently just found out – as did the rest of the free world – is that Ryan is considered a “person of interest” by the police in the murder investigation of Jasmine Fiore, a model whose body was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown inside an Orange County, Calif., Dumpster on Saturday. Ryan evidently married the late Jasmine after being booted off Megan’s show during taping earlier this year, and was reportedly in contact with Jasmine shortly before her death.

Complicating matters for Ryan is the fact that he’s missing in action. Authorities believe the Calgary native may be bound for Canada.

For her part, Megan told TMZ that she’s “completely horrified” to learn that she canoodled with someone who may somehow be involved in a murder.

Ryan was “very nice” and “educated,” Megan says.  He is the “least likely person I would ever expect” to be involved in a crime such as this.

“I feel really sorry for the girl and her family,” Megan adds.

Wonder what Lily has to say about all this.

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