“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” get real

You want it, you got it: Here’s my quick, in-a-nutshell recounting of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” appearance on Saturday at The Wellmont Theatre in Montclair. (And look out -this time I was sitting in the front row and have some great pix of the ladies!)

Dina Manzo small

You can't really tell here, but Dina Manzo's T-shirt reads "Last year's Versace." Copies of the shirt were also for sale in the theater's lobby. "I can't help myself," Dina said. "I'm a wise a**."/All photos by Ava Gacser

While much of the material covered territory similar to last month’s appearance by Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice (along with “Real Housewives of New York City’s” Alex McCord and Jill Zarin) in Englewood, there were a few new tidbits of information.

First of all, although it was never stated outright, I get the distinct impression all five ladies will be back for the second season (slated to premiere on Bravo sometime in 2010 with – get this – about 18 episodes!!!). I know there’s been some question about Dina Manzo’s participation, but based upon things she said – such as “I’m trying to make (Project) Ladybug be part of the show” and “He’s (Dina’s hubby, Tommy) not in Season 2; he won’t be around” – there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll be back.

Dina proved amusing during the approximately two-hour event, joking that seeing herself on television convinced her she needed major plastic surgery.

“I’m getting a nose job, I’m getting lipo,” she laughed.

She also took responsibility for getting the controversial “prostitution whore” herself, Danielle Staub, on the show.

“Ironically, it was my fault,” she admitted.

According to Dina, Danielle had quite the reputation at Chateau, the Franklin Lakes salon several of the women frequent. And because it was the owner of Chateau, Victor, who was the one Bravo originally approached for help in finding women for the series, salon clients were obviously preferred.

“What about that crazy one?” Dina said is how she recalls referring to Danielle. “Why don’t we take her out to dinner and find out if she’s good crazy or bad crazy?”

Dina also set the record straight about her husband, Tommy, who co-owns The Brownstone with Caroline’s hubby, Albert.

“He wants nothing to do with the show,” she said, adding that initially that bothered her but now she’s glad he isn’t involved. “It’s brought us closer” and makes their time together more special. “It’s just the two of us… it’s just like boyfriend/girlfriend time.”

Caroline Manzo small

I couldn't get a clear shot of Caroline because of that ridiculously placed speaker.

Caroline’s popular son, Albie, was in attendance (as was Dina’s daughter Lexi and Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashley), and she revealed Albie now has a girlfriend named – wait for it – Danielle.

“Can you believe the irony?” Caroline added.

And when the subject of “Regis and Kelly’s” recent Halloween episode featuring the pair dressed up as Caroline and Teresa, respectively, Caroline admitted it was funny but said she couldn’t help wondering, “Why do they always pick a man to imitate me?” (*This isn’t the first time: Earlier this summer, another Jersey girl, talk-show host Chelsea Handler, did a spoof on the “Housewives” and a man played Caroline then, too.)

(In case you missed the “Regis and Kelly” spoof, here it is:)
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Teresa Giudice small

Unlike last time's form-fitting (and gorgeous) glittery dress, Teresa opted for this flowing shift.

Teresa denied that she carries hundreds of thousands of dollars around in her purse.

“I don’t walk around carrying $120k with me,” she said.

She also confirmed that her upcoming cookbook is called “Skinny Italian” and will feature “great quick Italian recipes.”

One of the funniest moments of the evening came when Teresa started trash-talking “Real Housewife of New York City” Bethenny Frankel. After alleging that Bethenny bad mouths her, Teresa called Bethenny a “b*tch,” “slut” and “big ho.”

“You should’ve gotten married first,” she added, obviously referring to newly engaged Bethenny’s recent announcement that she’s pregnant.

Jacqueline Laurita small

It was good to see Jacqueline laugh.

Jacqueline gushed about her newborn son, Nicholas, whom she lovingly refers to as “monkey.”

“I hold him all the time,” she said. “He looks nothing like me. He’s my husband all the way.”

Speaking of which, Jacqueline also hinted that fans will see more of her husband (and Dina and Caroline’s brother), Chris, in 2010.

“Next season you might see him a lot more,” she revealed.

Jacqueline also said that she wished last season had shown her family’s relationships in a more positive light.

“It seemed to highlight all of the negative moments with my daughter (Ashley),” she said.

The evening was once again moderated by comedian Geno Bisconte.

“We all have our a**hole moments, and we all have our endearing moments,” summed up Caroline. “…If we ever forget where we came from, kick our a**.”

Here are a few more photos I took that evening:

ladies standing small

This was the best shot I could get of all of the ladies standing but it gives you an idea of how tiny they all are. Moderator Geno Bisconte is in the center.

Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo small

Teresa and Caroline.

Sisters-in-law Jacqueline and Dina were peppered with plenty of questions during the event.

Sisters-in-law Jacqueline and Dina were peppered with questions.

Dina tweeting small

Dina whipped out her leopard-covered Blackberry for some impromptu Twitpics, but for some reason they didn't wind up on her Twitter page (www.twitter.com/dinamanzo).

All of the ladies are on Twitter and/or Facebook. If you need any of those addresses, feel free to drop me a line. Hopefully everyone saw the In Touch Weekly photo spread of Jacqueline, Teresa and the babies. It was really cute! In case you didn’t, the photo below is from the article.


Proud mothers Teresa and Jacqueline show off their newest additions, Audriana and Nicholas. I love the facial expressions on both babies!/Credit In Touch Weekly

Things I learned watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion

I learned several things watching the first part of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion.

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Oh, sorry. That wasn’t the legitimate reunion. But anyway, among the things that I learned:

1) Danielle’s real name is Drama.

It’s obvious to anyone who’s watched the show that Danielle Staub loves attention. Maybe she truly does get upset at the viciousness directed toward her, but it’s not entirely unprovoked. As Us Weekly points out today, Danielle aka Beverly Merrill aka Angela Minelli (Liza’s long-lost sister, I suppose) was arrested back in 1986 by the FBI for her participating in a kidnapping plot that developed out of a cocaine deal that went bad. She met her “boyfriend” at the time while working for an escort service. (Hence Teresa’s “prostitution whore” allegations.) Subsequently, Danielle/Beverly/Angela was charged with an assortment of felonies, including cocaine possession, narcotics conspiracy and extortion. She fared a lot better than her boyfriend, however: While he served 15 years in jail, Danielle/Beverly/Angela received five years’ probation and was ordered into a drug-treatment program.

That is a far cry from the story she told People just a couple weeks back.

“I was never a prostitute. Never,” Danielle said. “I was a pothead. Period.”

A liar, more like. Though I do like Teresa Giudice’s summation of Danielle:

“No, you’re just trying to make drama, Danielle,” she said during last night’s reunion. “Your name should be Drama. You say I’m Dina-ized. You’re Drama-ized.”

2) Teresa still doesn’t understand that throwing the word “gay” around is offensive to gays.

Take it from a gay man – Bravo’s own Andy Cohen – who clearly tired of Teresa’s repeated defense that gay people don’t find her juicy hubby Joe’s repeated use of the phrase “that’s/he’s/she’s gay” offensive.

“I think it was offensive,” Andy said yesterday, seconds after revealing that he himself was gay. “I do and I think a lot of people out there watching thought it was offensive.”

You think Teresa would just apologize and drop it. But no, she had to keep going.

“The night that that show aired we had a gay guy over…and he was cracking up,” she told Andy.” … He’s like, ‘Whoever takes offense to that, they’re stupid. … That’s what he said to me and he’s very gay!”

Yeah, ahum, right, Teresa.

Fabulous nice girls don't go around handling smarmy books like that, Teresa./Bravo

Fabulous nice girls don't go around handling smarmy books like that, Teresa./Bravo

3) Jacqueline is no longer friends with Danielle.

I had a feeling this was going to happen. After all, how long can you stay at odds with your in-laws?  (I have a feeling Kate Gosselin knows.) As if Jacqueline Laurita’s Bravo blog wasn’t enough of a hint, Us Weekly reports that any friendship the pair may once have shared is definitely kaput.

“I am not friends with Danielle,” Jacqueline, a new mother to a baby boy, tells Us. “She has never seen the baby, nor will I ever show her. I learned my family was right about her all along.”

Snap! I wonder when she found that out for sure. Did The Smoking Gun fax Jacqueline a copy of those damning court documents?

4) Dina plays fast and loose with facts.

I suppose we’ll never truly know if Dina Manzo actually ever *laid her hands on* “Cop Without a Badge” or whether her sister Caroline was just covering for her.  But when she chided Danielle for allowing her daughters to witness the heated confrontation about the tome, it took on a “people who live in glass houses” kind of tone.

“The content of the book itself is inappropriate,” Dina said during the reunion. (Ever notice how Dina frequently looks like she’s looking down her nose at people?) “I don’t talk to my daughter about prostitution or kidnapping.”

Well, yes, actually, Dina did. Right before Lexi left for Cyprus to visit her dad (and Dina’s ex-hubby), she regaled (or terrified, take your pick) her with tales of  vacationing American children being kidnapped and held for ransom by nasty foreigners.

And while Dina may not have discussed the oldest profession with her impressionable (and smart-mouthed) 13-year-old, she has no compunction about using the word t*ts to describe her daughter’s blossoming bosom. Classy.

5) Dina has an imaginary husband.

Apparently a lot of “Real Housewives” viewers have been wondering where Tommy Manzo has been hiding out. In last night’s reunion, Dina revealed that he didn’t want to be part of the show. Perhaps the reason why he didn’t want to be part of the show is because the last time he was featured on a reality show – VH1’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding” – he didn’t come across too well (i.e. he acknowledged cheating on his future wife while they were dating… more than once).

When Andy Cohen asked Dina about Tommy, she said, ” He doesn’t really exist. No, he’s working all the time and we have very [little] time together. We have breakfast every morning together and we have date night every Thursday . . . We have the whole night to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so that’s our special time and we didn’t feel we needed cameras in our face.”

Wow, what a marriage this must be. No wonder Dina looks annoyed most of the time. Sure, she’s married to a richer-than-rich guy with a strong work ethic, but he’s barely ever home.  Given his admittedly poor track record in the fidelity department, how many times has she sat at home wondering where he is and who he’s with?

Don’t get me wrong. Date nights are a great idea. But if that’s all you ever have – and your husband recuses himself from any of the day-to-day realities of marriage – then you haven’t got much of a relationship.

Fortunately Danielle's daughters - Jillian, left, and Christine - seem to have more sense than their mother./Bravo

Fortunately Danielle's daughters - Jillian, left, and Christine - seem to have more sense than their mother./Bravo

6) Danielle is not who she portrays herself to be.

I was shocked (SHOCKED!) at the end of “The Last Supper” supplemental edition in which Danielle and her two daughters were shown waiting for their car in front of Lu Nello. It was like looking at a totally different person. Danielle was smoking and still raging about the incident and the injustice done to her by Dina. After seeing this scene, I began to wonder if this was actually the real Danielle.

Caroline confirmed my suspicions to People this week:  “The true Danielle is in those very last moments of that footage [from the final episode]. That is the true unfiltered Danielle, with that cigarette. And who is her audience? Her children. Making pizza and climbing a rock wall don’t make you a great parent. Her children are well-behaved, well-mannered and they excel in school. But if you look at her children, they have a haunted look in their eyes. These children are paying the price for her irresponsibility.”

What struck you most about “The Real Housewives” reunion? I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping part 2 – which airs tomorrow (that’s Thursday) at 9 p.m. – is a darn sight more entertaining.

A “Real Housewives of New Jersey” guide to the Garden State

Curious about where “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” (that’s Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub, Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita) shop, dine, party, primp, work and relax?


Jacqueline Laurita, clockwise from left, Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub./All photos credit Bravo

Then check out this comprehensive list (which includes websites) which will be updated as the season progresses.

And if anybody actually visits any of these places, please let me know your thoughts!

Episode 1

The Brownstone (Paterson) – New Jersey’s “finest wedding and banquet event hosting facility,” according to the website. Owned by Albert Manzo (Caroline’s husband) and his brother, Tommy Manzo (Dina’s husband), employees include Caroline and Albert’s son, Christopher, and daughter, Lauren. Dina, an interior designer and event planner, also works out of the facility (which, by the way, is where she and Tommy tied the knot in their famously lavish $1+ million wedding.)

Don't laugh; it's for charity!

Don't laugh; it's for charity!

Unique Furniture (Green Brook) – Jacqueline accompanies Teresa on a furniture shopping spree in which she drops a whopping $120,000 in cash on assorted pieces for her “French Chateau look” manse that is still a project in the making. (Read all about the ladies’ opulent homes here.)

Project Ladybug – Charitable foundation started up by Dina to benefit sick children.

Wealthymen.com – Website through which Danielle met Gucci Model, her phone-sex partner of two years.

Lua (Hoboken) – Upscale Latin-inspired restaurant with a view of the Manhattan skyline. Danielle (with Jacqueline and Teresa secretly following her) goes there to meet her phone-sex partner, Gucci Model, who stands her up. It is also where she memorably leaves him a voicemail message saying, “Have a nice life – or die, I don’t care.”

Chateau Salon (Franklin Lakes) – Salon and spa where the “Real Housewives” like to pamper and primp themselves, especially before a girls’ night out. It’s also where Dina famously (and illegally) parks in a handicapped spot.

Episode 2

On the count of three: FABULOUS!!!

On the count of three: FABULOUS!!!

Bella Bambini (Hillsdale) – Children’s clothing store where Teresa takes her three little girls: Gia, Gabriella and Milania. During their visit, Gia learns she will be auditioning for a movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and 2-year-old Milania pitches a fit, yanking money out of the cash register and screaming, “I will pull my hair out!”

Marra’s (Ridgewood) – Danielle and Jacqueline eat lunch outside there and talk about Dina to no end.

Xist Model & Talent (Caldwell) – Agency that Teresa takes her daughter Gia to for photographs, bookings and acting lessons.

Lisa Regina – Acting coach who Teresa enlists to help her daughter Gia prepare for her audition for the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie. (Which, by the way, Gia does not get.)

Dr. Steven Domnitz – Jacqueline’s OB-GYN, who successfully helps her conceive following four heartbreaking miscarriages. Jacqueline says she was referred to Dr. Domnitz by none other than fellow housewife Danielle, who Jacqueline says had her own problems getting pregnant.

Highlawn Pavilion (West Orange) – Upscale restaurant with views of New York City. Danielle and her boy-toy date, Steve, dine there and it is where Danielle suggests they do the nasty in the bathroom. Steve, thankfully, declines.

Episode 3

Artistic Academy (Morris Plains) – School for individuals who want to study cosmetology, specifically hair, skin and nails. Caroline and Albert encourage Lauren to enroll.

Dr. Manolis Manolakakis (Shrewsbury and Sewell) – The thoughtful doctor visits Danielle’s abode to provide complimentary Botox treatments and collagen injections to whomever’s willing (that would be Danielle, Jacqueline and Teresa). Danielle tells the attractive doc that she’s single and will give him her card.

This is an improvement over "Gucci Model"?

This is an improvement over Gucci Model?

Varka (Ramsey) – European seafood restaurant where three couples dine: Danielle and Steve, Teresa and Joe and Jacqueline and Chris. During the meal, Teresa and Jacqueline take Danielle outside and convince her that she shouldn’t break up with Steve at the dinner table.

Episode 4

The friendship between Danielle and Jacqueline has been strained ever since "the book" was uncovered./Credit Bravo

The friendship between Danielle and Jacqueline has been strained ever since "the book" was uncovered./Credit Bravo

Fratelli Trattoria (Ridgewood) – Italian restaurant where Danielle confronts Jacqueline and Teresa about the rumors circulating that she a) chases after married men and b) offers physical trainers sex in exchange for training sessions.

Dance With Me Studio (Ridgefield) – Dance studio run by Aleksandr Chmerkovskiy, the father of “Dancing with the Stars” dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. At the supposed suggestion of Teresa’s “delicious and juicy” husband, Joe, the “Real Housewives” and family take dance lessons. Danielle, while excellent, takes it entirely too seriously and gets frisky with Caroline’s eldest son, Albie. Caroline (who refuses to dance) later says she was ready to clobber Danielle for manhandling her boy.

Dr. Steven Domnitz – Jacqueline’s OB-GYN, who she and her husband Chris visit to learn the results of their genetic testing. The parents of a young son are relieved to hear no abnormalities were detected. (They have since successfully conceived, and Jacqueline is expecting any day now.)

cop without a badge cover

“Cop Without a Badge” – The now notorious book about the life of Kevin Maher, Danielle’s ex-husband. The Manzo sisters got their hands on this out-of-print tome, which alleges that Danielle (then known as Beverly Merrill) was a stripper who was involved in the kidnapping of a rich kid. Beverly/Danielle and her drug-dealing boyfriend were busted, and Beverly/Danielle was charged with extortion, kidnapping and possession. Her savior, Maher, helped her work out a deal in which she pleaded guilty to extortion, for which she received five years probation.

Episode 5

Caroline, Teresa and Dina spend some hard-earned cash at The Shoppes at The Water Club in Atlantic City./Credit New York Times

Caroline, Teresa and Dina spend some hard-earned cash at The Shoppes at The Water Club in Atlantic City./Credit New York Times

The Water Club Hotel (Atlantic City) – An in-state getaway for Teresa, Caroline, Dina and Dina’s friend Pam. While there, Teresa receives a phone call from her weeping 2-year-old daughter Milania, whom she tries to bribe with gifts, including a bike. (Isn’t she too young even for training wheels?)

Hearts on Fire (Atlantic City) – Diamond jewelry store located in The Water Club where Dina and Teresa try on a $1 million rope necklace and Teresa seems to seriously consider purchasing a $280,000 bracelet.

Teresa does some pre-bubbies shopping at La Perla./Credit Bravo

Teresa does some pre-bubbies shopping at La Perla./Credit Bravo

La Perla (Atlantic City) – Lingerie and bathing suit shop located in The Water Club where Teresa tries on an animal-print bikini B.B. (Before Bubbies) and Dina and Caroline tell her it will look so much better A.B. (After Bubbies).

*To see where else these “Real Housewives” shopped while in AC (that’s Atlantic City, y’all), go here.*

Photography by M Kortoci (Ridgewood) – Photography studio where Jacqueline takes her 17-year-old daughter Ashley to have photos taken. Ashley subsequently has a meltdown (due either to her insecurities or her mother insisting on pointing them out in front of the photographer), and Jacqueline decides against giving her daughter the tricked-out Jeep her husband Chris has purchased for her (and is sitting in a warehouse somewhere). The photographer, Mike Kortoci, has photographed “America’s Next Top Model” winner CariDee English, who herself hosted the Oxygen reality show “Pretty Wicked.”

Izakaya (Atlantic City) – Japanese pub located in The Borgata where Dina, Caroline, Teresa, Pam and another one of Dina’s friends break bread (or California rolls). It’s during this meal that Dina bemoans her busy life and contemplates not working any more.

Oakland Diner (Oakland) – Diner where Danielle breaks up with Steve (the BJ boy). Danielle had previously wanted to break up with Steve during dinner in front of Teresa and Joe and Jacqueline and Chris at Varka in Ramsey in Episode 3. “I’m looking for the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, and it’s not going to be you,” Danielle tells him while shedding several tears. Not surprisingly, Steve takes the news pretty well. (Of course, he’d already hit Teresa up for an invitation to her Shore house – and he was bringing another woman.)

Balocco (Clifton) – Italian restaurant where Teresa and Joe take their daughters Gia, Gabriella and Milania for an (anything but) peaceful meal. “This is one of our favorite Italian restaurants,” Teresa declares. This is where the discussion of bubbies takes a serious turn, with Joe even consulting a waiter about whether his wife should get breast implants. It’s also where the rest of the diners’ meals were interrupted by Gabriella and Milania’s incessant howling.

The Robert Zubowski, M.D. Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Paramus) – Teresa’s quest for new bubbies begins here (though why she went through with this baffles me if she wasn’t done making babies). While consulting with Dr. Zubowski, Teresa decides on a B cup, mainly because Dina cautions her about going larger. “They get in the way, they’re annoying, they’re obnoxious” says Dina. “There’s a fine line between tasteful and tacky.” (Or clever and stupid.) We also learn during this consultation that both Jacqueline and Dina have silicone implants, and that Dina is apparently jealous that her sister Caroline’s bubbies are fo real. “She has invested $20,000 plus in her boobs and mine are real. She can’t stand it,” says Caroline.

When Teresa arrives for her surgery, her husband Joe talks her into getting a C cup, which means she’ll go “from having nipples to having boobs.” Um, they’re bubbies, Joe. Get it straight. (Though apparently Joe is concerned they might shrink in the wash.)

Dina says she purchased this cute periwinkle dress seen here at Saks Fifth Avenue. However, in Episode 5 she expresses concern about its length: "If I bend over, my chucky is out for everyone to see."/Credit Bravo

Dina says she purchased this cute periwinkle dress seen here at Saks Fifth Avenue. However, in Episode 5 she expresses concern about its length: "If I bend over, my chucky is out for everyone to see."/Credit Bravo

Episode 6

Cafe Amici (Wyckoff) – Italian restaurant that Caroline, Dina and Lexi visit for dinner. Dina ponders giving up her career as an event planner and interior decorator to stay home with her 12-year-old daughter, whom she’s dismayed to discover is growing up. “I turn around for five minutes to work and all of a sudden she’s got t***,” Dina tells her sister. Classy!

Bernard Kerik – A good family friend of Caroline and Albert Manzo, Kerik is the former New York police commissioner who is presently fending off such assorted charges as “lying to the White House, failing to declare income, filing false returns and corruption,” reports The Star-Ledger.  He’s also, apparently, a friend to dogs. The four-legged kind, I mean.

Don't you just love the moment when Jacqueline finally snapped?

Don't you just love the moment when Jacqueline finally snapped?/Credit Bravo

Lu Nello (Cedar Grove) – This is it – the site of the fabulicious blow-out between Dina, Caroline, Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle. (I’m still trying to figure out how Danielle smuggled in that copy of “Cop Without a Badge.” Clearly, it’s too big to fit in her purse.)  Yes, memories were made during this meal. I mean, will you be able to look at another oyster again without thinking about Joe Giudice’s raging libido? I wonder how much Bravo had to pay the place for Teresa’s little table-flipping incident? But the best part of the evening came when Jacqueline finally stood up to her sister-in-laws, shouting at one point, “You’re such a liar, Dina! I’m not covering for you anymore.” (I cheered, I admit it.)

Teresa Jersey girl. jpg

For those of you who are dying to get their hands on the “Jersey Girl” T-shirt Teresa sported in this episode (see above), you can do exactly that – by going here.

And those who are interested in learning what the “Real Housewives” are up to lately, The Star-Ledger has a short but informative piece right here. It includes such nuggets as this: It wasn’t Dina’s idea to park in the handicapped spot outside Chateau Salon.

Oh, and there’s also Dina’s interview with People in which she splits hairs about whether or not she was the one to blab about Danielle’s past. And Caroline talks to Newsweek.

If anyone actually visits any of these places, please let me know your thoughts! And please let me know about any places I might have missed.

Also, if anyone can explain to me where the phrase “chucky” comes from, please do!


The “Lost Footage” episode was definitely heavy on former “web exclusives,” but it did solve a mystery involving the identity of a certain upscale clothing boutique in which Dina and Teresa drop some serious dough. The shop in question is Alchemy in Ramsey.

Also featured in the episode was a visit all of the ladies made to Town & Country Apothecary in Ridgewood. While there, Caroline learned the invaluable skill of how to draw on her eyebrows. (Are you paying attention, Lauren?)

Lastly, Dina was shown creating an over-the-top, opulent wedding reception table setting (with $500 floral centerpiece!) at Anna Rose Floral Design in North Haledon.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”: Dina shows us how the other half lives

Just in case all of you “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans didn’t notice, Dina Manzo is rich. And I mean R-I-C-H.

Apparently VH1 doesn’t think Bravo is making that point abundantly clear, because it dug out this gem: “My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding,” which documents all of Dina’s outlandishly expensive plans for her dream wedding (which is No. 2, I believe) to current husband, workaholic and cheater (by his own admission) Tommy Manzo. Take a look:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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After watching this, I better understand Dina (who I was starting to intensely dislike this week after seeing how mean she was to Beverly/Danielle at the Botox party). She’s sad, unhappy and probably miserable that she’s married to this man who (on the plus side) makes all this money but whom she rarely ever sees and who doesn’t seem particularly affectionate toward her. And for that, I’m truly sorry, Dina.

You can also watch Dina and Tommy’s casting tape for the show here.

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